Two toddlers and a tall tale

We had two little 3-year-old cousins telling some awful tall tales yesterday. When little Audrey and Tucker get together, there is no telling what ideas they’ll come up with. They spared nothing to entertain us and keep our full attention when we started talking about going home. Tucker began rolling tale of a Rattlesnake, and Audrey quickly joined in, with each of them adding in their own extraordinary scenes as they went along.
They must have had the same dream at nap time that day. I don’t know if their tall tales are true, but I feel it was a toddler conversation that should be documented for future entertainment purposes.
Tucker: (deepest manly voice) I saw a big Rattlesnake under the water and caught it! With a fishing pole under the boat! What!
Audrey: My dog Angus ate the Rattlesnake! And he turned into one!
Aunt Pauline: Hmmm…that’s really weird, because usually Rattlesnakes don’t like to swim.
Tucker: That Rattlesnake sounded like an Ostrich! It was like that big (arms outstretched tall as they can). It just climbed up and was going crazy! It was going in circles, and I said get off!!! That Rattlesnake jumped up and dived into the water!
Audrey: And Angus just ate it! (That was her story and she was sticking to it.)
Being the dinosaur-loving boy that Tucker is he added a Utah Raptor character in there somewhere with the swimming, diving, dog-lunch of a Rattlesnake. And before long he was onto a whole other tale.
Tucker: One time, two Horny Toads just popped up in the water and hopped into my hands! I was like what??!!!! (Then he got down flat on the floor to show us how they swam in the water.)
Aunt Pauline: Wow, I’d like to see that.
Tucker: No, the toads would pee you.
Audrey laughed and shook her head just like she was there. But don’t worry; Angus did not eat the Horny Toads!