School year brings increased traffic

Calls were up this past week, we handled 59 calls for service. There was still very little crime reported and we only made one trip to the county jail. Officers took one (1) report of a property crime. A TV was damaged at the Best Western. Not exactly the plot of a “made for TV” movie but it was all we had. The trip to jail was the result of a traffic stop, the driver had an active felony domestic violence warrant out of Bexar County, he was booked into the jail in Jourdanton.
Just because it seems slow, please don’t push for de-funding us. I’m sure that crime will pick up, just give it a chance.
Schools start next week; you know what that means? Yep…school zones and increased traffic. We all know the first few weeks will be the worst, be patient and don’t become part of the problem. That is about the simplest way for me to put it.
Our community lost a good man last week, Alfredo Aguinaga, Sr. passed away. Besides being a loving husband and father, he had served as a longtime Public Works Director for the city. Even though he hadn’t worked for the city in years, we would still call on him to locate water lines and sewer pipes. He would pull up and point to a location and say, “dig there, you will find a valve” … sure enough, there it would be. He had a heck of a good memory.
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