Two arrests

We had a total of 52 calls for service last week and officers conducted 33 traffic stops. Of those stops a whopping 29 resulted in citations and 4 were warnings.
We had a couple arrests last week and they were both on the same day. So we got all our excitement out at once. The first arrest was off a traffic stop. Sgt. Hanson had a fellow who provided a false name. I showed up on the scene and the guy decided to come clean on his true identity. I would like to think that it was because my appearance was that of a top notch cop who would surely figure him out. The truth is, it is a small town and we have known each other for many years. He had a federal warrant out and the US Marshals kept coming around looking for him, I think he had been “on the run” for about 6 years. Later that day, Sgt. Hanson and I were dispatched for a disturbance at a residence and we were told a male suspect was armed with a handgun. I located the involved vehicle and we arrested a male suspect for felon in possession of a firearm. I had a walk down memory lane. Back in Sept. of 1999 I was a 29 year old interim Chief of Police and we had a drive by shooting (no one hit, thank God) on Wisdom Rd and we arrested the “shooter.” The guy we arrested on the weapons charge was the same fellow, not much has changed. We both just look a lot older.
We had one real property crime, the theft of a motor vehicle. Sgt. Hanson was dispatched to Kirk’s Welding on Main St. Sometime between Noon and 4 PM on Thursday Dec. 13 an unknown person stole Kirk’s 2005 white Ford F350 King Ranch P/U. Ford pickups are usually the #1 vehicle targeted by thieves in Texas, I know we have seen our share of them being stolen through the years. On a side note I have had my Ford F250 diesel P/U for 20 years this month! I use to wonder why people kept the same vehicle for so long and now I realize I am one of those people.