The happy campers

Like a lot of kids, when I ask my daughter what her favorite subject is, she says “Recess.” My daughter said her favorite part of the school day yesterday was when her and friends played like they were “campers.”
Sounded innocent enough.
“How do you play that” I asked?
“Well me and Annie and Billy were campers, but Jack was a Grizzly Bear.”
“Oh my, I see,” I said with a laugh. (By the way, I’m making these names up as I go—I can’t remember!)
Just in case you are looking for a fun game to play over Christmas break….
“It’s kind of like tag,” she explained, “But instead of getting tag’ you’re it’, it’s like you get eaten (by the bear),” she adds with the cutest little, happy smile.
But wait, there’s more to this story…..They weren’t all just regular campers. One was a princess camper and the other two were her guard campers, chosen to protect the princess.
Did anyone get eaten? Oh yes one of the guards did, but thankfully not my little happy camper.
These kids! I thought that was pretty creative so I had to ask who came up with this unlikely game.
“It all started when Jack (or whatever his name is) was running around trying to hug everyone like a bear hug,” she said. “Then we started running…..”
…and naturally it became known as the Campers and the Bear game, so there you go. My guess is Duck, Duck, Goose had a similar beginning. Now you have a game to play over Christmas break! Will you be happy camper, or the Grizzly Bear?