Twelve Mustangs set for Regional lift meet Thursday

Ten Natalia Mustang Lifters along with two alternates will attend the Region 5 Powerlifting Meet this coming Thursday. Out of those twelve, four Mustangs will enter the meet ranked in the top 4 in their respective weight classes.
“Our boys have worked extremely hard all year for this meet,” Coach Tyler Seiler said. “We always set one goal at the beginning of the season and that is to win a regional title.”
The expectations are always high and always attainable due to the work that the boys in blue have put in day in and day out throughout the summer and the season.
Natalia Mustang Uriel Arellano will lead the way for the Stangs, as he enters the meet ranked #1 in the Region in his 242 lb. weight class. He has a season best squat of 575 lbs, a 450 lb. bench press and a 530 lb. dead lift to account for a 1,555 lb. total.
Adrian Vasquez is one of three Mustangs to rank #2 in his weight class. Vasquez has a season best 530 lb. squat, 260 lb. bench press and a 520 lb. dead lift to account for a 1,310 lb. total in his 165 lb. wc.
Michael Martinez ranks #2 in his 220 lb. wc, thanks to a season best 625 lb. squat, a 325 lb. bench press and a 525 lb. dead lift equaling to a 1,475 lb. total.
Paul Billalobos is the final Mustang to rank #2 entering the meet. Paul is ranked 2nd in the 275 lb. wc, courtesy of a 650 lb. squat, a 360 lb. bench press, a 565 lb. dead lift for a 1,575 lb. total.
Here is a look at the remainder of the Mustangs who are regional bound as well as info on their weight class, their season best totals and where they rank:
114 lb. wc: Anthony Garza 14th ranked 260-135-280-675 lb. total. 165 lb. wc: Diego Zapata 9th ranked 520-215-470-1,205 lb. total, Elijah Banda 7th ranked 475-275-460-1,210 lb. total. 198 lb. wc: Jeremiah Gomez 14th ranked 455-260-450-1,165 lb. total. 242 lb. wc: Gustavo Gomez 8th ranked 600-315-455-1,370 lb. total, Dustin Soto 8th ranked 575-250-545-1,370 lb. total, Isaiah Sanchez 11th ranked 560-255-530-1,345 lb. total. 275 lb. wc: Diego Hernandez 9th ranked 535-285-515-1,335 lb. total.
“We will look for our seniors to lead the way on meet day along with other veteran leaders,” Seiler said. “The boys have had two great weeks of practice to prepare for the regional meet and we could not be more excited to get out there and compete for the name across our chest.”
Region 5 Meet
The Region 5 Boys Lift Meet will be this coming Thursday, March 12th in Bishop. If you have the opportunity, get down to the coastal bend high school and support the boys in blue!
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer