Truck stolen in Dec. recovered

Well here it is, more of the same. Sometimes the only difference in our weekly report is that the dates have changed. I guess that can be a good or bad thing depending on what’s going on. On to the numbers…….we handled 44 calls for service this past week, so that number is a bit on the low side. We had 56 traffic stops, a bit higher than normal, which resulted in 42 citations and 14 warnings.
Reports of property crimes were few and far between this past week with only one online fraud case. It was a Craigslist scam; you can always count on one of them to give you something to write about. It’s real simple; if you are selling something “you are not the one who sends the buyer money.” Throw in “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is” and you have Chief Richey Priest’s two step approach to ending online scams.
In an odd twist a 2005 Ford F350 stolen from Kirk’s Welding on Main St. back in December was recovered this past week. But unlike most of our stolen vehicles that get recovered in San Antonio or further south, this one was located in Wise Co. (a little northwest of Fort Worth). I don’t think I ever remember one of our stolen vehicles getting recovered anywhere north of San Antonio. The driver was arrested, so I guess the vehicle was still in good shape.
Ofc. Sergio Pena made our only arrests this past week. He observed a suspicious person and found that he had a felony warrant out of Atascosa Co. The fellow was most likely up to “no good,” he was provided with a trip to the Atascosa Co. Jail. Sometimes I think getting arrested might be my only option for getting a break from my cell phone…..but I bet my wife and kids would prefer I find another way to “unplug.”
Before you know it will be Easter. That means the city’s annual egg hunt at John Lott Park is quickly approaching. The event will be Saturday, April 20; registration starts at Noon and is for kids 1-8 years of age. The registration fee is one canned good or $1 per child. This is a long running very popular event. The park is big so there is plenty of room. I say that the older I get I tend to avoid crowds, but on Sunday I went to Costco in San Antonio and proved myself wrong.