Babies and duckies

We celebrated my mom’s birthday at the ranch this past weekend with all my sisters and my brother and 4 new little ducklings my littlest sister got. She already named them all, and then mother duck took them out to swim in our new “red neck hot tub” which is a cattle trough full of water. My daughter jumped in and the ducklings swam close behind her. Someone said “They must think you’re the mama duck because you’re wearing yellow.” She loved that idea and quickly started quacking and herding them around.
The babies, Tucker and Audrey, had a lot of fun watching the duckies too, and splashing their hands around in the water trying to get a hold of those duckies. But the ducks were wise enough not to get within the arms reach of a baby. Audrey may have played nice with the duckies, but my baby Tucker probably would have tried to eat them if he could have grabbed one. Everything goes in his mouth lately.
And if he’s not mischievously searching for every last crumb that’s on the floor then he is in grandma’s lap eating graham crackers or honey buns or cookies, or something else you don’t want to feed a baby energizer bunny. Grandma loves to sneak him sugar, and she’s always got some great excuse like “It’s my birthday, I can feed him honey buns if I want to.” Or on regular days she’ll insist “What? He likes it!” Oh well, I guess that’s what grandma’s are best at…spoiling kids.
My daughter sure has grandma pegged for that. Yesterday she told me “Moms have to say no, but grandma’s can always say yes!”
That’s her 8 year old philosophy of the year…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard her say that, and how true it is!