Training a baby brother and rollerskating in buffalo herds

I enjoyed my kiddos so much over the holidays. I rememer sitting on the couch with Baby Tucker in my left arm drinking a bottle, and big sister Delly Doodles cuddled up in my right arm with daddy sitting in the recliner beside us holidng my hand, beside the pretty Christmas tree and lights, and I was just thinking this is absolutely my favorite place to be. I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do when they grow up and leave the house. I wish I could just hug both of them nonstop!
I got a chance to wear my new, cozy Christmas Socks on one of the rainy days this week. My daughter had picked out this gift, and she had waited 2 or 3 days for me to try them on. She so excited she even put them on for me as I sat on the couch feeding the baby that day.
“And they have grips on them too, momma!” she said excitedly.
“Wow, good thing!” replied, “So I can chase Tucker down and race you up and down the hallway.”
Of course she rolled her eyes a little at that, but it seems like I did chase them around the house quite a bit, especially when we dancing around and listening to that silly old record with the song “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd” among other rediculous, funny notions. That song sure cracks me up, and I think it must have some real deep phycological meanings.
That afternoon A’Dell was jumping on her trampline when she came in with a neck ache.
“I don’t’ know why it hurts,” she said. “All I did was pull my foot up to touch my head!”
She said that as she demonstrated—standing like a flamingo.
“I do that all the time!” she said with a frown on her face.
It was hurting her so bad we tried the heating pad and even a massage and eventually she said “I don’t know how ya’ll do it momma….I don’t know how ya’ll can stand having all these kinds of cramps and pains all the time,” she said, referring to my constantly aching mom neck and me and Daniel’s foot and leg cramps that come more often the older we get.
I cracked up with that, and went ahead and heated up a rice pad for my neck too. She whimpered and wined all evening, wanting all of my nursing attention, which was really challenging with a crying baby who also wanted mommy. He was yanking at us and occassioally teething on us as I tried to pamper her. That neck of mine got more and more sore as we went.
Daddy walked in while A’Dell was laid up on the couch with a heating pad and I was standing there with a heating pad wrapped around my neck, too.
“What happened to you? And what happned to you?” he asked.
I had forgotten how good those heated rice packs feel. I haven’t had enough undivided attentino to use one in quite a while. I think I was still pregnant with Tucker last time I had one. He’s getting to the point where I can set him down for at least a little while and he’ll play independenttly—so long as I’m still in sight and he finds something a little mischevious. I like the way he turns and looks at me, waiting for me to rush over to him, as he starts to do something a little dangerous like sitting on top of a pile of books or trying to climb something when he can hardly walk. He did take his first steps just Friday. My daughter trained him with treats, as she says, (bribed him with his baby cheetos). She would hold his cheeto high up in the air, and he would stand, take a step or two and then hurriedly do his crab walk/crawl all he way rest of the way over to her to get his baby treat….SO cute!
Well, talk to you next week…..Roger Miller says you can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd, but I think that’s the perfect metaphor for what moms do everyday! I’m sure Tucker will start running just as soon as he gets this walking thing down, so I’ll be doing lots of rollerskating around after him. Good thing my Christmas socks have those good grips!