Traffic may force street closures, Eclipse event at Warhorse Stadium

All of the following streets may be closed to thru traffic as soon as Thursday, April 4, which is a few days before the eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Officials expect a large amount of travelers to travel straight through Devine on Hwy 173 while on their way to Bandera and Kerrville who expect thousands of visitors to come watch the eclipse in the Hill Country, which has been called “ground zero” as it is best place to view it.

This does NOT pertain to homeowners on any of the abovementioned Streets as they will have full access to their homes.
“We are going to monitor traffic and adjust the plan accordingly,” said City Administrator David Jordan. Devine is being proactive and will close the following streets which feed off of Highway 173, basically from the downtown traffic light to the high school if the traffic is as great as expected.
Streets on the closure plan are:
North and South Upson Drive
North and South Sayers Drive
North Washington Drive
North and South Jamison Dr.
Brown Avenue both sides of W. Hondo Ave.
Church Drive
Freedom Drive
Bentson Drive
Littleton Drive
Hall Drive
Cardinal Drive @ W. Hondo Ave.

Devine schools and city are hosting an Eclipse Event on Monday, 8 at Warhorse Football Stadium from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m.
There will be food and drinks for sale in the concession stand. Several local organizations will be entertaining the young ones with games. Over 600 viewing glasses will be provided on a first come, first served basis as the city donated 200, NAPA Auto Store another 200 and Walmart 200 for the event.
The Emergency Management Team is working on helping coordinate the event.
“Jim Sessions will set up the sound system. Holly Gates and the FCCLA students will provide games and activities as will Betsy Leal and the Student Council students, “ said Chris Andrews, Devine Police Department, and Devine Emergency Management Coordinator. “Allison Brown is coordinating the food and drinks and concession stand(s).”
“Narration during the event will be provided by co- narrator Marissa Rangel, our high school science teacher and Betsy Leal at the beginning and end as well as during the most awaited highlight of the event between 1:30 and 2:15 ish,” said Andrews.
The Devine Fire Department and Devine Police will help with traffic and emergency services. Darren Van F is in charge of maintenance and the facility.
“Our stadium holds between 5-6,000 people. We do expect most to be locals, but it is hard to tell as it is unknown how many will show up. It would help if local people who are close will walk or ride their bikes to the event that day to help with traffic congestion,” said Jordan.
Devine schools are closed on Monday, April 8 so that works out well for families.