The Best $5

When we started running low on candy as we helped stuff eggs for the Easter Bunny, we started getting creative.  I stuffed a few with blackberries and fishing lure plastic worms just for the heck of it. My little sister wasn’t amused, but hey, you never know how a kid’s gonna react. My son does love his fruit! But then we found grandpa’s coin bucket and started stuffing eggs with quarters as we know the kiddos love having quarters for the gumball machines in town.  Grandma threw quite a few one dollar dollars eggs too.

Then we rounded up the children while the Easter Bunny hid the eggs. Audrey made sure baby Thomas had an Easter basket, and we were good to go. We lined them all up and let the grandkids come out of the back door like a cattle chute. Two-year-old Kenneth looked a little dazed and confused about what to do next, so someone yelled: “Go get the eggs, Kenneth!”  
Kenneth is a country boy, mind you, who often goes to “ranch camp” with grandpa…So when someone said to “go get the eggs”, he ran straight past all of the pretty, colorful little plastic eggs in the yard, and made a mad dash to the chicken coop!   It was pretty funny.  And it turns out ornery Uncle Easter Bunny did hide an Easter egg or two in the chicken coop.
By the end of the Easter Egg hunt, my son was pretty focused on counting his Easter Money “Jackpot” as he called it, rather than the candy.  All in all, his jackpot came out to $28.  I don’t think he even ate any of his candy (or blackberries)! 
The next day, he spent the day with grandpa, and when we left, he got his first paycheck (a $5 bill) for helping do ranch work. Let me tell you, he sure was proud of that!  As he recently told me, he is not a “boy”, he is a “6 year old man.”
So that little paycheck was the most exciting $5 of all. And it wasn’t long before he asked me to do some addition and announced it to the world that his “jackpot” was now up to $32.