Tracking Covid cases: 279 in county, over 130 in area schools

The active COVID-19 case count for all of Medina County this Monday is 279, and the pandemic has claimed the lives of 7 more people in our local communities since last Monday. According to the Medina County Health Unit, Covid-19 claimed the life of one person in their 30’s, three people in their 40’s and 50’s, two in their 60’s and one in their 80’s.
“Just because you are healthy, doesn’t mean you are off the hook,” said Medina County Health Unit director Patricia Mechler, who urges people to get the vaccine. “We see younger, healthy people lost to COVID, and we need to turn this around and fight back.
“COVID can affect you no matter how healthy you are,” Mechler adds, exhausted and exasperated seeing so many life-saving vaccines not being used. “For most of us, COVID symptoms are mild to moderate and we can recover at home, but this is like gambling with your life because there is no way to know how it will affect you.”
In Devine, Crawford Pharmacy offers free, walk-in vaccines on a daily basis. In Lytle, CVS does as well. In Hondo, the Health Unit offers vaccines during certain hours (see separate article).
Active Cases in Schools:
Each school tracks a little differently, but here is an overview of Covid-19 cases reported in area schools as of Monday, August 30th.
MV has 52 active cases students/staff combined.
Lytle dashboard 34 active cases, students/ staff combined.
Devine has 19 active students and 7 active staff.
Hondo has 15 active students and 2 active staff.
Natalia has 1 active student case, and 3 active staff.
See more county statistics in Mechler’s separate report.