Tid Bits

Lytle P.D. activity from last week …. Officers responded to 60 calls for police service and conducted 85 traffic stops. Those traffic stops resulted in 73 citations and 12 warnings.
We had only one incident that resulted in arrests; A traffic stop on Main St. by Ofc. John Cortez (assisted by Ofc. S. Pena) sent one person to the Atascosa Co. Jail for possession of cocaine and unlawfully carrying a weapon, and two other occupants received citations for possession of drug paraphernalia.
Officers responded to three reports of property crimes: #1 – The Stripes C-Store construction site was the location of a burglary. A total of 8 large televisions, which were to be used as menu boards, were taken. A value hasn’t been provided. #2 – Two units at the Lytle Loft Storage Units (FM 2790E) were broken into. An assortment of items was taken, including various appliances. The value of the loss on one unit was approx. $13,000. We don’t have details on the second unit yet. #3 – A complainant reported that their vehicle was “keyed” at H.E.B.
Congratulations are for the Lady Pirates being named Regional Semi-final Champs for this year’s basketball season. I know we have a good team when we do a lot of escorting them in and out of town and we did a lot of escorting this year!
The city currently is accepting applications for an Animal Control Officer and a Public Works Water Laborer. Applications will be accepted up until 5 PM on March 6. Check out our website (www.lytletx.org) for more information. Now is a great time to join our team of dedicated public servants, which include people like me.
I haven’t been around the office much the last three weeks; I took some vacation. I didn’t travel extremely far, I signed on to work as an off-duty peace officer at the rodeo in San Antonio. Every year they hire several hundred off-duty peace officers from all over the area to provide police service to their awesome event. I worked the night shift (Mid-8 AM) for 20 days straight and avoided all the big crowds. I did see trailer after trailer of pigs, goats, cattle, etc. I was impressed by all the Ag Mechanic projects too. I was told I would get to meet a lot of people and it would be a lot of fun. Well, mostly I met Mr. Cold almost every night and Mrs. Rain was there for a few days too. I wouldn’t say it was “fun”, but it was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.