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Two months into 2023 and no rain to speak of…only 1.5 inches and only 1.8 inches since November 25, 2022. Seems we also had a shortage of good winter weather. My lone mesquite tree (that Mike Barrera wondered why I kept) has green buds on it now. Usually, this means that winter is over but, according to Phil McAnelly, they been wrong before.
Spoke with an old-school, retired DPS Trooper (Nap Herrera) the other day and the word “reform” came up. But not in the way that today’s liberal lead society uses the word.
I remember the term “Reform School” referring to a place to send kids that refused to abide by society’s rules and laws. Never wanted to go there even though me and a couple others danced close to the edge a lot. Had enough common sense to know that if you do A, then you get B. Found that out with the Mailbox crew and Judge Oak Williams.
Now we have students running the schools and their parents defending their belligerent, borderline criminal actions because the schools have no right to discipline their little angels. They have reformed the Public School System but, not in a good way.
I remember that teachers could fail students for not making the required grade to proceed to the next level. Not now…the problems are just “placed” through the system whether they learn anything or not. I recall that once upon a time, if a student failed to make the grades in High School and they were of age, the Principal would send their names to the Draft Board.
When a teacher screws up, rather than proceed with criminal charges or other disciplinary actions, said teacher goes to another school but does not have to reveal their past nor can the school tell the new school the reasons that they left. I know of one instance and that is too many. I have 4 family members in the Education field and am told that this happens frequently. (We have some excellent educators in our school system.)
Parents should be responsible for basic education such as manners, respect for others, hygiene, the need to follow rules and the consequences for not complying with rules. Let the teachers teach and discipline when needed. Right now, seems that School is a baby-sitting service. Enough ranting about our Public Education System. I’ll save Law Enforcement for later.
Pct 4 Commissioner Lawler and crew are in the process of re-constructing CR 777 from IH 35 to CR 7711…looks great and well needed. Pray a little harder for rain…Medina Lake is way down and seems the rivers and creeks have quit flowing.