Three trucks roll in bizarre accident on I-35

Authorities had their hands full this past Thursday evening, January 10 with a bizarre three vehicle accident that started on I-35 northbound, and ended with the largest truck going through the median and across I-35 southbound as well.

It happened at a busy traffic time around 5:30 PM, but thankfully nobody ran into the huge truck (used for road construction) as it rolled across I-35 southbound.
“The vehicles were traveling north on I-35,” said Natalia PD Chief Gilbert Rodriquez. “All three of the drivers worked for the same company and they were headed back into their SA office from Dilley when the accident happened. The big truck (which was the truck with the directional light sign used for highway construction) was in front, and an F-350 pulling a utility trailer was behind him, and there was another big company truck behind that.”
“According to the report, the guy in the first truck started swerving a little and so the guy behind him (in the F-350) decided to pull around to get his attention,” Chief Rodriguez said. “Shortly after that the big truck struck the trailer being pulled by the F-350 and it jackknifed. The big truck ran across the median and once it got to southbound I-35 where there’s a little embankment it rolled and ended up on the other side, between Southbound I-35 and the southbound access road.”
It was a long night for first responders and volunteer fire departments that stayed to clean up for several hours.
“Thankfully no one ran into him, and all three drivers were okay,” Chief Rodriguez adds, “All three vehicles ended up rolling, but EMS checked everyone out and no one was transported….We had to close both of the left lanes ( on I-35 north and I-35 south) for several hours, and around 9 pm everything was cleared out,” Rodriguez said.