The package guy is here!

We were filling up the dog troughs and I told Tucker to fill up the pool too for later. It wasn’t long before he had shed his clothes and was IN the pool, filling it up. He was butt naked of course and jumping and splashing and having a merry old time, regaling in his naked freedom. Then who else drove by but the package delivery guy. Without any inhibition, Tucker jumped right up out of the pool to run along the fence line with the package guy who was grinning ear to ear.
Naked and screaming, “Mom, it’s the package guy! It’s the package guy! He’s got a package!”
“Hi package guy!” he added.
I always appreciate it when the delivery guys and mail ladies wave back, because if they don’t, he keeps on screaming “Hi!” louder and louder as they drive away. And with every new package, no matter how big or small, he says “I think it must be a new dinosaur!”
Do you think I’m spoiling him with too many toys or something?
This morning, he literally ran out of the bathroom to run out the front door to wave at the mail lady at a moment’s notice. He heard the dogs barking, so he knew there was a delivery being made. She waved right back at him. Oh this boy!