The Gift of Letting Go

I spoke today with the son in law of one of the finest men I have been blessed to know. His name is not of significance in this Tale, but his legacy is. Knowing OF him for many years, and then Knowing HIM personally for a pretty long spell as well was a true gift. This fellow Aggie created things that will impact the lives of others in positive ways for a very long time, and it is an honor to call him my Friend.
We know two of his children, and while of different personalities, are likewise exceptional individuals, no doubt in part to the role model of their dad. Thus, part of him is still active and contributing in life.
In visiting with his son in law, a person I likewise greatly admire, we discussed how the entire family was at peace with the soon to occur passing. I commented that we had lost all 4 of our parents and letting go was a hard thing to do.

In retrospect, I thought of how watching our children grow up and seeing them through the successes and failures that are common to most of us, was kind of a training for the final step of this earthly life.
Rather than clutching on hard to our kids, we decided to have open hands, even if we disagreed with some of their choices. And while we did not want to see our parents “depart from us” in an entirely different way, that to was simply a step in their life journeys. Not forgetting them, simply acknowledging this is the fate of all of us and we need to make the most of the time we have with them beforehand.
So, at this time of recollection of the trails I was able to travel with this role model, I want to honor him in a way that seems appropriate not only to his soon passing, but as a reminder that letting go of those we care for is in itself a tribute we can bestow.