Under the Bed

Tucker uncovered a not-so-well-hidden Christmas gift at grandma’s house, a laser tag set. So I’ve been re-living my youth, running the halls of my house in the dark playing a lot of laser tag recently. Me and my cousins and siblings used to do this a lot, and Tucker loves it just as much. This morning, he turned the beeping laser guns to the floor and was using them as bomb detectors. The boys got creativity, that’s for sure.

We celebrated Grandpa Calame’s birthday this weekend, and you’ll be glad to know he has a new pair of “crawfish” flip flops. They fit him so well. He and Tucker love to go set the crawfish trap and check it one million times a day, so we were pretty certain Grandpa needed crawfish shoes too, and we were right. Tucker could hardly contain his excitement in not telling Grandpa what they were as he was guessing at the wrapped gift earlier that day.
For a few years now, I have hidden and withheld all of the wrapped Christmas gifts in the deep, dark recesses of our storage room. Now that Tucker is 4 years old, this year, I braved the idea of placing wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree again. Not unwrapping wrapped gifts is very hard for him. So far, so good, sort of. He has not unwrapped anything, but he has relocated the gifts a few times. I got home the other day and he started whispering in my ear.
“Mom I moved the Christmas presents to under my bed so the leprechaun doesn’t steal them,” he said with big eyes.
And sure enough, that’s where we found them. Hey, at least he told us where he put them!