The Challenge

Man it sure can go from hot to cold in a hurry around here. Had to put up the old shorts and pull out the old jacket.
I enjoyed writing this week’s feature story about the Davis family who is raising genuine, pure Texas Longhorns. One of the pictures they sent me looks just like an old Longhorn cow that was one of my daddy’s first cows, or at least the most memorable. I hated that Longhorn because she would turn and chase after us when I rode by on my horse if we were anywhere in the vicinity of her calf. She was quite protective of her babies and it was pretty terrifying to see those horns coming toward you. I doubt she ever got too terribly close. It was “appeared closer than she was” in all my young terror, I’m sure.
But now, ten years later, I miss that old beautiful Longhorn cow. They are so iconic.
This weekend started off kind of interesting. I had my niece Audrey over at my house and we go to talking about her big “party” aka fundraiser that’s coming up April 15th to support research to find a cure for Audrey and other kids battling A-T.
Anyway, some craaazy people (you know you who are) created the Princess and Protector challenge, where you are supposed to dress up like a princess or superhero and make a funny (aka embarrassing) video so other people will share it and help promote Audrey’s event. I had no intention of becoming a singing princess, but let’s just say, I guess Audrey can talk me into anything. She is such a darling child. I have long hair so they often call me Rapunzel. I mentioned the idea of ordering some really, really long 4 foot real Rapunzel wig hair and Audrey got really excited really fast. Before I knew it, I was asking what Rapunzel sings anyway, and she immediately burst out into a song called “I have a dream.”
I have to admit, it is the perfect song for this challenge and it’s quite catchy. So we pulled it up on Google, and I started humming along and before we knew it we were singing a little parody about Audrey’s event, which she even helped me write, so then I had to sing it….. “I have a dream, I have a dream, to find a cure for A-T. And with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower. Come to Devine Acres Farm for Audrey April 15.”
Long story short, the Rapunzel wig was atrocious, so I won’t be wearing that, but you can soon indeed look forward to the release of the musical renditions of a not-so-good singer called Rapunzel, who really, really, really loves a little girl named Audrey (who is also featured in the video and now calls herself Rapunzel’s helper).
Don’t laugh too hard…you might be challenged next…. Aunt Debbie!