Local Elections on May 6
Where, when, why, how much
Early voting April 24- May 2

 City of Devine-  Vote at City Hall
 Vote For or Against
Bond Election- $18 Million for drainage and flood control
Everyone can vote in the Bond election
Everyone can vote in mayoral race.
Mayor- Cory Thompson (i) and Butch Cook
District 2 and 4 get to vote in their races as well
Council Dist.2- Angela Pichardo (i) and Michael Hernandez
Dist 4 – Debbie Randall
Devine ISD- Vote at County Building
Vote For or Against
Proposition A- 31.5 Million  for Safety and Renovations of Schools,  Band Hall
Proposition B- 1.5 Million – for 4 New Tennis Courts
Medina County- Vote at County Building
 (across from Tractor Supply)
Medina County ESD 2 (Devine Fire area)- add 1.25 % to sales tax
Medina County ESD 5- (Natalia Fire area) add 1.25% to sales tax
Medina County ESD 4- (EMS Devine/Natalia areas – add .50% to sales tax
ESD4 overlaps both fire districts (2&5), since EMS can bill for services they are asking for only .25 from each district, so .25+.25=  .5% sales tax
*Note: 8.25% is the maximum any city or county in Texas can charge for sales tax. Medina County is at 6.75% currently, so that leaves 1.5% open.
Lyle ISD- cancelled election, no contested races
City of Lytle- cancelled election- no contested races
Natalia City/Schools- no elections
LaCoste City- no elections