Tax rate adoption Sept. 24

Hadda leave town a couple weeks ago so it would rain. We got 1.1 inches over that weekend and another 3 tenths later. Woo Hoo! Amazing how quick everything greens up after a rain. Guess our God knows what he’s doin.
Short meeting. Judge Schuchart thought he had set a record but, he went 3 minutes over the record and now holds the distinction of second place…or first loser, whichever fits.
We made the decision not to opt into the Payroll Tax cut which would delay deducting SS money from employees paychecks but would defer the deductions till next year. Aint much of a stimulus.
Response to the Medina County Grant Program has been kinda slow but, it’s early in the process. The deadline is October 1st so, if your business needs a boost in revenue please go to the Medina County Website and fill out the application. We have them available at the Precinct 4 office also. Somebody done throwed a cow patty in the punch bowl but, we’ll work through it.
Medina County has a new Extension Agent as of last Thursday. Caroline Weyerts was introduced and will be available for anyone needing the services of a County Extension Agent. She seems energetic and eager to get to work so, give her a call at (830) 741-6181 if you need help.
Finally got around to fixing CR 752 which is a road that you gotta sneak up on by going through Frio County. Kinda the red-headed step-child on our road list. Polly Hines is real happy now. (Told Charlie that she is the only reason we fixed it.) We are also doing the same to CR 7718.
Our next meeting is on September 24th. This is the one where we adopt the Tax Rate. If you would like to make a comment and address the Court, I would suggest that you come at 9 AM and sign up for your allotted 3 minutes to speak. The item will be voted on during the 10 o’clock session and discussion will be somewhat limited. See you there Nap.
Construction is moving along at a good pace on the Courthouse Annex and just beginning on the Jail addition. Ought to get our new reporter to take a few pictures next week.
Found out what those bumps are for in the middle and on the sides of 173 between Devine and Hondo….they’re get off the phone alerts. Our cameras are working now and the office door is open. No need to call. Only 101 days until Christmas!