Sweet thoughts

Baby Tucky has been wanting to lay down in our bed as he falls asleep. I’ve learned it can be very entertaining as he drifts off to sleepy land. Like most adults, he has a lot of thoughts going through his little head, BUT they are all happy, fun thoughts.

The last few nights, he sort of talked to himself as he fell asleep. He started off by naming some of his favorite people, and then some of his favorite things, and favorite pets. It was so cute.

“Grandma, Pauline, A’Dell…tractor, brmm brmm…cookies…more cookies,” he said.

I had the hardest time not laughing. But that wasn’t all.

“Trains…doggy…diaper…mama, daddy, pa, Audrey,” he said, and then he went into a long list of all our pets. “Nina, Bandit, Cheeto, Chili Dog, Patchy.”

Now that I think about it, who knows if he was just sleep talking in his sweet dreams, or if maybe he was praying? If he was, it’s the cutest, sweetest prayer I’ve ever heard.