COVID-19 is not a drill

Officers handled 55 calls for police service, we didn’t have any arrests or reported property crimes.  Our friends at the Medina Co. Sheriff’s Office did recover the 2004 Ford pick-up that was stolen from H.E.B. Plus on Feb. 23.  Fortunately, it was in good shape.
The City of Lytle, like everybody else, is adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The City Hall lobby is closed, you can still use the drive thru for business you can’t take care of online or on the phone.  If you have municipal court business, the court clerk will come to the window. If you have a permit issue the permit clerk will come to the window, I guess you get the picture.  The Lytle Public Library is also closed, but they will be inside working and are offering curb-side book check out, call or contact them online for more details.  In the police department we will be taking extra precautions as well, so if we tend to stand farther away than normal it is not just because we ate a raw onion.
H.E.B. Plus has been dealing with large crowds for over a week now, they are doing a super job of keeping our community stocked up with necessities. The Dollar General and Dollar Tree are running strong as well. I ask that you have a little patience with all those who are working hard to keep things going, slow down and think before you speak out in anger. Now is the time we need to pull together.  There will be plenty of time to press me to run for a state or national political office after this is all over.
It seems to me some people aren’t taking this situation too seriously, I beg you to read and follow CDC guidelines.  You should read and understand your local and state Public Health Declarations too. Folks, this is not a drill.  Now is definitely not the time to have your kid’s birthday party and invite over a lot of friends and family.
So, I was eating dinner with the family this weekend and the conversation kept going back to the current pandemic.  My wife, who by the way is a beautiful, Godly woman, had been trying to keep the conversation positive.  So she asked my 10 year old to tell us what she had been reading about in the Bible and she responds “Noah’s Ark”.  I said, let’s skip that one for now….
Just think, over a month ago I was figuring that our Mayoral election in May was going to be the biggest issue going on, boy was I wrong!