Surge of COVID-19 patients is “Severe”

“No good news yet for COVID cases. Medina County has 223 active cases today up from last Monday’s active case count of 147,” said Trish Mechler, Medina County Health Unit.
The active case count is nearing the highest number of the pandemic which as 268. However, over the counter test kits sold at stores, etc. certainly means that a significant number of positive tests will never be reported.
Cases have exploded in a very short amount of time, climbing from eight active at the beginning of June to 283 this Monday, August 9.
News reports from South/Central Texas speak of surges filling up already-busy hospitals, and highlight the shortage of nurses/doctors to handle surges as they escalate. Some hospitals have utilized space in conference rooms and even cafeterias to make room for more beds, citing that using off-campus facilities strains their already-overwhelmed staff even more. Reports have also stated that more children than ever, in this pandemic, have been hospitalized due to Covid-19 strains in recent weeks. The new Delta strain is cited to be more infectious and affecting children and the younger population more. Hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston have been hit the hardest, with some hospitals “closing” their ERs to new traffic according to TV news reports. A children’s hospital, at capacity, also had to air life a newborn with Covid to another hospital. Reports also show an unusual number of Summer RSV cases to make matters worse.
In the SA Metro area, 1,197 patients are hospitalized, with 314 in ICU.
The Medina County Health Unit (see time slots) as well as Crawford Pharmacy in Devine (any time of day) and CVS in Lytle offer walk-in Covid vaccines.

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The following is submitted by Medina County Health Unit:
Press Release–This week will be busy at the Health Unit as we continue to give back to school and COVID vaccinations. We have a few off site clinics and will be at the Back to School City of Hondo Wellness Fair on Saturday. This may be a good opportunity for some that can’t get off during the week to get a COVID vaccine. We will be there with Moderna doses and also Pfizer doses for age 12 and up.
As our kids head back to school, age 12 and under are unable to get vaccinated for COVID-19 but parents, school staff and any others around them can. We can all help keep our kids in school and focused on learning instead of worrying about this virus.
Anyone wanting daily COVID data can go to the DSHS website. The information that is provided here on cases and vaccine information can be found on the DSHS Dashboards.
Texas COVID-19 Data<Texas%20COVID-19%20Data>,
Medina County Health Unit COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunities:
The Medina County Health Unit is taking walk-ins for COVID vaccine Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-11:00am and 1:00pm-5:30pm. Pfizer doses available upon appointment.
COVID-19 vaccine available: the two-dose Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and older; the two-dose Moderna vaccine for ages 18 and older; and the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine for ages 18 and older.
Texas has a current rate of 53.48% of people that are fully vaccinated age 12 and older. Medina County currently has 47.81% fully vaccinated. We have 814 kids 12-15 yrs. old who have been vaccinated in our county with at least one dose so far.
Medina County COVID-19 Vaccine Data as of 8/8/2021 (change from 8/1)
People fully vaccinated: 21,081 (up from 20,870)
People 12 years of age and older in our county who could get vaccinated: 44,092
Estimated coverage: (Percentage of people 12 years of age who are fully vaccinated) 47.81% (up from 47.33%)
Medina County COVID-19 Case Data as of 8/8/2021
Confirmed Cases: 3,783
Probable Cases: 1,462
Fatalities: 110 (up 2 from last Monday’s report)
Active Cases (estimated): 223 up from 147 on last Monday’s report
Recovered (estimated): 4,902
Editor’s note: * Recovered means there was not a fatality. The health and well-being and recovery of Covid-19 patients is not followed.