Sonny’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria now open in downtown Devine

Newcomer, Chef Juan Manuel Trevino, is excited to bring a slice of Italian Food to Devine, and Devine’s glad to have him. Sonny’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria serves a variety of yummy dishes, and as Chef says “There’s no canned marinara sauce here…it’s made fresh!”
Some of the customer favorites so far have been his Chicken Parmesan, Grilled Chicken Alfredo, layered lasagna, and Spaghetti and meatball plates. All meals come with a house salad and butter garlic bread sticks.
“I’ve been a chef my whole life,” said Trevino. “My parents owned a restaurant, and at our family get togethers there was always a lot of great food. I guess we are just a cooking family, and I love the people here! They are so nice and I feel so welcome. I couldn’t have picked a better place to open my business. Ever since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve been packed,” Trevino said.

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They are still building their team and training, so for now they are only open for lunch from 11-3pm, but plan to be open for dinner at a later date. They are also offering a limited menu (no pizza yet), and not always able to take to-go orders, so they can provide the best customer service possible to diners as they do their best to keep up with the great demand.
“My menu is small, but I promise, it’s well-executed, and it’s homemade, not frozen,” Trevino said. “As we grow, our menu will too.”
One of Chef’s personal favorites and specialties is his Shrimp Congelia, a dish with tangy chili sauce, flavored with creamy Romano cheese.
The pizzeria side isn’t up and running yet, but he is excited to launch that as soon as they can get some things settled in the kitchen.