She pretty

Well I am a Fairy Godmother once again! We baptized my niece little Audrey this past weekend, and then spent the day together. I just love being a “fairy” Godmother. (That’s what my other god daughter calls me).
It was really cute during the ceremony because I while I was standing up at the front of the church with baby Audrey, her parents and the Godfather, my little Tucker was out in the audience, trying to break loose. Periodically, throughout the ceremony, the babies would call out to each other .
“Tuuuuuck!” baby Audrey would call out.
“Audrrrrey!” baby Tucker would respond.
It was adorable. There were a few times when my little man was calling out for “Mommy” too, and I have to say it was hard not to turn around and answer.
They were both dressed up so cute and picture-perfect. Tucky was wearing a suit with suspenders and a tie. Don’t know how my busy little boy allows me to dress him in that kind of attire, but he sure does love it. Of course by the end of the evening, after many hours on the playground, somebody looked at Tucky and commented “His suit pants actually look just like blue jeans now!” And they were absolutely right. After rolling in the playground rocks all afternoon, his pants looked just like jeans somehow.
Audrey was wearing a beautiful floor-length white gown that was just absolutely adorable. It was clear upon her arrival that mommy and daddy had informed her of how cute she looked that morning when her Grandma Capps first walked in and greeted baby Audrey, she asked “How are you?”
In the cutest little baby voice, Audrey smiled and replied, “I pretty.”
She was pretty alright…pretty adorable!