Our activity for last week included 56 service calls, traffic stops totaled 40. Of those stops, 26 drivers received citations and 14 received a warning.
We only made two arrests this past week, both were domestic violence. The first one was on Monday and we cited and released a 19 year old male for assault by contact – family member (Class C). The second one was on Sunday, a 40 year old male was arrested and booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail on a charge of assault causing bodily injury – family member (Class A).
Our property crimes were pretty slim last week, with three incidents reported. A Mesquite St. resident reported that somebody went through the console and glove box of their 2003 Chevy P/U. There was no forced entry and nothing was missing. I never leave anything of value in a vehicle, which is always my suggestion to everyone. If somebody goes through the glove box of my old truck all they are going to find are some fast food receipts from the early 2000’s and they are welcome to take them as souvenirs. If they look hard enough they will probably find an old french fry between the seats too.
Onward to our single shoplifting case of the week….We will visit The Texas Western Warehouse (on IH-35), which is known for their good deals and massive sales. One of their current promotions is NOT that you can find a nice new pair of $250 boots and trade them even for your old broke down pair. Our thief left with a new pair of boots and was kind enough to leave his old ones in the box. Ofc. David Lopez reviewed the video and figured out who our “boot bandit” was and got those boots recovered the following morning! Can you believe our thief wanted his old boots back? Too bad they already tossed them in the dumpster.
On Wednesday officers Lopez and Pena took a report of some diesel being siphoned out of a couple construction vehicles. The vehicles were parked at two different city water well sites on FM 2790 N. (both outside the city, but on city property). The vehicles belong to a company installing a water line, the theft happened sometime in the last couple weeks.
There was construction work on a bridge on IH-35 just north of town this past week and it caused some congestion. As a result, on Thursday Ofc. Lopez and I worked two accidents and a disabled 18-wheeler up there, we were busy for about 2 hours. If you think sitting in traffic is bad, you should try standing in it. I actually witnessed one of the crashes and if I had been about 50 yards further south of where I was standing, I doubt you would be reading this weekly report. No accident on the interstate is complete without somebody rolling down their window and asking “what happened.” Okay there are like crashed up cars and car parts everywhere, how do I respond to that question? So I just say “accident” and the guy replies “oh, okay.” I shake my head as he rolls up the window and drives off.