Sessions back to beat Hondo

With their coach back, the Arabians may have gotten off to a slow start but they easily took care of beating Hondo. Coach Jim Sessions missed a couple late season games but is now back and glad to be with his strong team. He had this to say about his leave. “I am super proud of this group of young ladies for dealing with and taking on the adversity they have faced. They did a good job of coming together and taking care of what they needed to do to finish off the season. This group has worked really hard all tear and I am really happy to see them win the district championship. I am excited to see what this team can do headed into the playoffs.”
In the Hondo game, the Arabians started off strong with a 10-4 lead with PresleeQuisenberry making a 3 pointer and 3 additional points. but struggledcontrolling the ball in the second quarter and Hondo was bale to close the gap and tie the game up a the half with a score of 16-16. The third quarter is Sierra Pompa really took off scoring 6 points and sinking two of her three free throws. Devine control and handled Hondo’s pressure breaking away and getting a lead of 33-24. The Arabians continued to push hard against the tiring Owls and put 12 more points with Megan Runyan scoring 5 of them and held Hondo to 9 points with the final score of 45-33.
Pompa helped the Arabians win with 13 points, Lily Stricker 9, Quisenberry 8, Runyan 5, Chesney Friesnhahn 5, Clarissa Zamora 2, and Maddie Mata 1 point. Also helping with the win was Dana Aaron, Abbe Whitaker, Gabby Rodriguez, Kaylee Howard, Jasmine Pompa, and SaileyZetino. Playing hard defense is important to the win even if you don’t put points on the board as is cheering from the bench.
Hondo brought a full bench with them. Making up their team was #2 Z. Rodrigues, #3 B. Harris 4 points, #4 J. Richter 6 points, #5 A. Saldivar 4 points, #11 R. Harris, #14 K. Kingsley 7 points, #13 A. Ralph, #14 R. Ohlhausen 4 points, #20 A. Newman 1 point, #21 Z. Perez #22 A. Langley, #23 S. Tanner 2 points, #32 K. Rodriguez, an d#33 J. Jimenez 5 points. Hondo was 3-5 in district and played Veterans Memorial Tuesday night for Bi-District.
It was a huge win against their rival before they head into playoffs. Starting against Pleasanton who they have played and beaten all ready this season back in mid December with a score of 43-27. Pleasanton was only 2-6 in district and 14-17 overall. The winner of the Bi-District game will play Aransas Pass (15-8) who beat Rio Hondo on Monday. The Area games will take place at a neutral site some time between February 15-17, the Quarter finals February 19-20, Regional Semifinals February 23 Regional Finals February 24 and then the Sate Tournament March.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer