Road rage incident

Here is your quick overview of Lytle PD activity last week. A total of 43 service calls were completed, so the volume of calls wasn’t too bad. On the traffic side officers conducted 33 stops which resulted in 24 citations and 9 warnings.
We had two arrests for warrants this past week, both were the result of traffic stops. Both warrants were for possession of Marijuana. A female had one out of Bexar Co. and a male had one out of Medina Co. So if they legalize marijuana I sure hope our state legislators come up with some more laws for us to arrest people for or we might get too bored.
Whataburger was the site of a serious incident. A road rage encounter occurred near the drive thru menu/speaker board. It appears one driver cut another off and a handgun was displayed. The “gunman” departed prior to Capt. Reyes’ arrival. The case is under investigation, I’m glad that no one was injured. I like those cinnamon rolls from Whataburger too, but not enough to lose my cool. What’s missing today is common courtesy and patience. I get “cut off” in traffic every time I go to San Antonio and I probably “cut” people off too and don’t even know it. Please don’t let something minor escalate into a situation you can’t take back.
Two property crimes were reported this past week. The vacant Schwann’s building on IH-35 had three AC units damaged during what appeared to be an attempted theft. A Somerset St. resident reported that someone stole a bluetooth speaker and some bicycle parts off of his porch.
My public service announcement goes out to all of those affected by Stage 2 water restrictions, this includes the City of Lytle Water System. There is no watering on weekends, if your address ends in 0 or 1 your watering day is Monday, 2 or 3 you can water on Tuesday, 4 or 5 Wednesday is your day, 6 or 7 is Thursday and 8 or 9 is Friday. The watering times are “before 10 AM or after 8 PM”. I sometimes run hoses from my neighbor’s houses to cut down on my water bill so I’m not sure if I count that as my address or their address. I guess I could ask the city attorney for a legal opinion but since he is one of my neighbors I think I’ll just leave it alone.
It is hot outside for sure, we even got dispatched to the Days Inn for unauthorized people in the swimming pool. The new owners have spruced up the pool and I guess it just looks too darn inviting.