The Zoo

Well A’Dell must be growing rapidly, because she’s been tripping over her own feet about every fifteen minutes. She’s standing there one minute and upside-down the next. She busts and burns in the most impossible comical ways too. She flat falls over sideways sometimes as she’s walking down the hallway, it’s ridiculous.
It’s a good thing she’s always been a tough rumble and tumble kind of kid. She very rarely cries or requires a Band Aid, or we’d be running through Band Aids faster than an emergency room.
Yesterday, as she ran through the field asking me to “time” her to see how fast she is, she tripped over every stick, rock, and weed within 100 yards of there. But she bounced right up, laughing, every time. I’m sitting there cringing and gasping and she just laughs it off like nothing.
“I’m just looking out too far in front of me, instead of looking at what’s right in front of me mom,” she said laughing, “I keep on falling and falling….Sometimes it doesn’t hurt though!”
Well okay then.
These kids sure are full of energy. While A’Dell was racing to make it from the fence to the lawn chair in under 10 seconds, I did finally find a little safari animal toy that entertains Tucker for at least 10 minutes or so. Of course, that toy could possibly be in the running for “the loudest toys on earth” award! At least it seems that way when you’re trying to relax.
It really starts to sound like a circus with the trumpeting elephant, roaring lion, and grunts of a monkey, which set off the real-life barking dogs and bleating goats who can hear the safari animal toy from the backyard. The goats jump up on the backyard table and start peeking in the window and yelling even louder. Add to that the rumble and waterfall of the washer and dryer, and the beeping bottle warmer….and you’ve got all the peaceful sounds of a zoo. Who can blame the goats though? It’s like 100 degrees out there….They want to be inside in the air-conditioning with the elephants and monkeys I guess!
Well baby Tucker got tired of playing with the elephants and monkeys about two paragraph ago, so see ya next week!