RJ’s Diner serves 14 unique burgers, wings, fish plates, and more with a hometown spin

The Robert and Julissa Pequeno family recently opened a new cafe in town. They offer a great variety of 14 different Burgers, Salads, Wings, Sandwiches, Fish/Shrimp baskets and more. Uniquely, they offer FREE DELIVERY to Devine businesses!
A hometown boy, Robert Pequeno graduated with the DHS Class of 1992 and was excited when he got the opportunity to move his family to his hometown. Robert and Julissa have two children attending school in Devine, Savanna, 13, and Matthew 11. Everyone likes to help out at the family business.
“I moved to Arizona right out of high school for work,” Robert said. “I met my wife in Arizona, where we began raising our family, but after 25 years in Arizona, I was really starting to miss home. The community has welcomed me back with open arms.”
Some of the customer favorites at RJ’s Diner include: Carne Asada Fries (French fries with cheese, carne asada meat, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo), and the big Mac and Cheese Burger.
Some other popular meals include their Bigfoot Burger (which is 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as the top and bottom buns, 2 hamburger patties, and 2 slices of bacon).
“That one’s named after Bigfoot Wallace! That’s where I grew up, in Bigfoot,” Robert said with a laugh.
“We never freeze our hamburger meat. I buy it fresh every morning, and try to make everything that I can homemade,” Robert said.

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On the lighter side, they offer Crispy Chicken Salads and Shrimp Salads.
Their Wings are full of hometown flavor too. There’s even a special plate called “Maroon and Gold Wings.”
“My maroon wings are served with my homemade BBQ sauce, made from scratch, and the Gold wings are served with a medium tangy Buffalo sauce with a gold tint to it.”
The Chicken Stripper Sandwich is another unique favorite (a chicken strip inside a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and their famous “secret sauce.”
“People ask us for our Secret Sauce all the time,” Robert said with a laugh. “They want to put it on everything.”
They also serve Grilled Shrimp Tacos with a homemade Baja sauce made from scratch.
The cafe is full of hometown spirit, with a “Devine Warhorse Smackdown Wall of Fame” front and center. To earn the right to sign the wall RJ’s Diner challenges customers to eat a 2 lb burger with chili, mac and cheese within 15 minutes.
They stay open late ’til Midnight on nights of HOME Warhorse football games.
Over 60 people have left great reviews of the new local restaurant for them online, giving them a 5 STAR review.
Some of the comments customers left included the following.
“Great food, Cozy atmosphere, Creative cuisine, Casual, Large portions, Comfort food,” one customer commented.
“I am in love with their wings….Great food,” another customer adds.
“I Ordered the Philly…..my son loves the Sunrise Cheeseburger and my daughter enjoyed the Carne Asada Fries. Staff and owners are super friendly and food was ready in 15 minutes! Can’t wait to order again.”
The cafe is located in Devine across the street from Campsey Insurance and Tractor Supply area. See their ad in this week’s paper for more information.

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