Recharting the Navigational Points

Lately I had the chance to spend some time with an exceptional Lady that I have known OF her whole life, but did not really get to know until recently.
Being a decade and a half older than her means that in our “earlier” days we could recognize each other on sight but not really interact in a meaningful way.
Like many of us the Pathway of Events in Life caused her to deviate from some of the preferred direction of her passions and callings.
Now due to other changes, she can again seek out those things with more time and energy. But also like so many getting those “Compass Points” reestablished is proving harder than she imagined.
My efforts at support focused on encouraging her to look at the revisions from the long-term view and to be patient with the readjustments to this new life.
We spoke of coping tools and the value to showing the same type of kindness upon herself that she has bestowed on so many others.
I left the visit with a prayer that my words were of use and she will be able, with God’s help, to correctly rechart the direction Life will take her from this stage on.
For Karen