Fill Medina Lake

We got some decent rain last week…bout 0.9 inches out Black Creek way. Got my yard fertilizer out at just the right time. Got 3.5 inches so far this year. Hallylouya!! Now pray for a turd floatin gully washer that will fill Medina Lake. Hope everyone had a Blessed Resurrection Sunday. We had a house full but, still a lot missing.
I am sure that everyone is looking forward to April 15th. The day that we get to send money to the Government so that the illegal aliens can have a means of income and we can continue the flood of money used to fund countries that hate us. I had to send them an extra $1,408 on top of the $12,367 what was already taken from my paycheck. Thought that our Supreme Leader said that people who made under $400,000 would not see an increase (and I made way, way under that amount)….what a relayer of falsehoods.
With all the legal (?) actions surrounding potential favorites not of the current ruling party, looks like we are a couple steps away from a Banana Republic system of government where the opposition disappears. Seems like we are living in a country headed for the likes of the one our Founding Fathers fought to escape.
See where the City Council decided to remove the Drainage Bond issue from the ballot. Drainage has been an issue since Colonial Oaks was developed. Seems the developers forgot to provide drainage to a couple low areas that would be used by a farmer or rancher nowadays as a stock tank. Underground culverts or more streets like Upson seem to be needed to properly drain the problem areas.
Looked at the Commissioners Court Agenda but, other than the usual business, nothing notable transpired. Considering the weather, the 4 wheel drive nuts and the theft of signage, looks like the Pct 4 Commissioner and crew finished paving CR 777 and it turned out excellent. Vehicles can now pass each other without knocking off mirrors and there are no potholes to dodge.
Lewis Stroud sent me a bunch of Kamela Harris quotes the other day…tried to read them but, all I got was a headache from trying to make sense out of them. Thanks a lot Stroud.
I checked on my guns the other day. They had not decided to run amok or take off and shoot someone. In fact, the lazy things just laid there. Didn’t do nothing but attain room temperature. They been trained. It’s the lunatics and those not raised proper that make them functional in the wrong way resulting in the tragedies we see on the news.