Putting Wax on an Old Vehicle

Our Dentist, over the last few years, was originally a neighbor down the block before moving closer to his Practice. His two Daughters match up well with our Grand Daughters, and they have played together multiple times. We sure do like that family AND the Staff at work.

I was in recently and the very fine Hygienist said she was cleaning up my teeth to make them nice and shiny. The thought that struck me was, with her skills they might look just a little bit better, but they are still OLD.
Back in my growing up days the closest Dentist we knew about was 40+ miles away, so we did not receive regular checkups like we can today. That Doc was plenty rough and so we did not much want to go. In my first two years of Undergraduate class work at Texas State University (side note it was Southwest Texas State College turned to University a bit later), my roommate went on to become a Dentist and I used him for a long time, until his retirement.
This current dental team is first rate, and no doubt my old Choppers are as good as they can possibly be. I like the front counter staff as well as the 2 Hygienists that have treated me. In total it is a GREAT group to help me look and be a bit better from a dental health perspective.
Upon leaving that day, a Tale kept “circling around” in this Strange Brain of mine and the result is set forth here.
Kind of like the pickups and cars, a lower income family like mine, and most of the folks we knew back then, there were a LOT of older, faded out vehicles around. While some ran very well, due to fine mechanics like my Dad, they mostly “looked” their age. Every once in a while, ours or one of the others would get a nice wax job. And it sure did look better, being all “spruced up” like that. But there simply was not enough “wax in the world” to change the fact that it was still a past its prime kind of a ride.
The Boss Lady has a somewhat similar saying when it comes to me. She often tells folks that she can “dress me up” but still cannot “take me out in public” with her very often. I am not too sure I know what that means, but just have to wonder……. You reckon a little car wax might help?
For Priscila F. RDH, An amazing Professional at her work.