Pct. 4 moving to TxDot property

Been unusually dry lately but hasn’t held back the Bluebonnets much….and the mesquites are starting to bud…Winter is officially over.
I skipped the last Commissioners Court meeting. Seems Willie Jo wanted me to be around for the ceremony in which she changed her last name from Beck to Kuhns (pronounced Coons). Ain’t a guy around who will admit that the fellow chosen by his daughter is good enough but, guess this one will be OK…. told him early on that he was too big to fight…I’d just have to shoot him. Matt’s a good guy…he’ll fit in good. (I even had to wear a suit).
Since the Devine ISD backed out of bidding on the TxDOT property at the last minute, we (Pct 4) are now the sole entity interested in purchasing the property and can finally begin the clean-up process and begin moving in (we had hoped to begin this process in early February). The sale will be on TxDOT’s agenda the 25th. Our next meeting is the 28th but, don’t know if we will be able to take action on this item at that time. Pct 4 will be the new occupants of that site.
Right now, the crew is cleaning up the roadways in Lytle Ranch Acres and have already cleaned the sides of CR 664 in preparation for re-paving that road. We are going to try to begin milling the roadway around March 28th depending on the company that is to do the reclaiming. Complaints will begin to roll in concerning the dust and loose rock (drive slower) then the complaints will come in about the speeders (call Randy) when we are finished.
We are still taking tires at the Rose Hill yard and will move this to the TxDOT location soon. Call the office (830) 665-8015 or me (210) 244-3413 and we will make sure someone is there to show you the drop off location.
Need to congratulate the Arabian Softball team for a nail biting, comeback, 6-5 win against Hondo last week in their District opener after trailing 5-2 in the 4th inning.