Number 1 fans, families, and community support Arabian cross country run for State

Along with many of their supporters and I, the Varsity Arabian Cross Country team made it to the UIL State Meet in Round Rock on Nov. 3. Nothing proves the size of Devine’s heart better than when the community makes an appearance at an event. I have never once been ashamed of where I come from, and to see familiar faces at the State Cross Country meet leaves me confident that I never will.
Early that morning, many of the moms of the girls running went to the school to decorate the bus and set out their goodie bags, which were prepared by the moms as well. Before the girls left the school, the teachers, the students, the band, and the cheerleaders lined the bus circle holding signs and cheering for the team members and the team as they passed by.
A little after the pep rally, my family and I took off for Round Rock. We stayed the night in the same hotel that the team stayed in. Before going to our rooms, the girls rolled out their legs and stretched in the hall with Coach Khera Vay. At the same time, Coach Jerel Beaty and I were listening to the live broadcast of the football game that coaches Jim Sessions and Gary Schmidt were hosting. It was nice to be able to feel like I was still a part of the football game since I was a little out of place that Friday night. Though I missed cheering at the game, I am happy that I was able to go to the state meet and cheer on the team as Kelli’s number one fan.
Every meet I watched I left amazed at the talent that the girls presented each time someone set their personal record and the team improved noticeably. More often than not, there are Devine community members at the meets to witness this first hand. Some of them are family members and others are just there to support the team.
At the state meet I saw half of Brooke Runyan’s family spaced out along the course to cheer her on as she passed each one of them. Along with her family was my family. My mom, Sue Geyer, and Brooke’s mom, Mrs. Kelly Runyan team up at every meet to run from point A, to B, to C, and continue until there are no more points and the race is finished. My job is to hit the spots that my family members don’t. I usually end up running half of it with Kelli to encourage her to keep going. At the very end of the race I run with my arms open wide ready to catch her.
I try to make an effort to tell everyone they ran well simply because I know how good it feels to finish something you’ve been working towards. On the way home from the meets I think about how awesome it is to see the girls excel together in their common hobby and how great it must feel to know the community of Devine has their back.
I speak for myself and the girls when I say that we are beyond blessed to live in a town where you can count on the community to support you wherever you go, near or far.
By Karli Geyer, DHS Senior
Special to The Devine News