Natalia Police Report September 10-16

September 10
9:40 PM – Officer had a complainant walk up and advise she had reported her motorcycle stolen in San Antonio, and she had traced it to a possible location in the 700 block of Palfrey St. Officer took all of the information from the complainant and went to the location where the motorcycle might have been, but it was not there. It was later discovered the person who had the bike returned it. No charges filed.
September 11
8:30 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey St. about some suspicious activity. Officer was informed someone was walking around inside a vacant trailer with a flashlight. Officer went and checked out the residence. There was no one to be found.
September 12
3:00 PM – Officer received a walk-in complaint about her five-year-old daughter being heavily disciplined by her father. The incident occurred in the Great Oaks subdivision. Investigator was informed of the incident and took over the case.
3:45 PM – Officer went and assisted with a disturbance call out in the county. Officer arrived on location and the grandson who was fighting with his grandmother had walked away from the scene already. Officer left the scene once the deputy arrived.
6:45 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Kearney St. about a disturbance. Officer arrived on location and spoke to the complainant. Officer was advised a Hispanic male walked up to his friend who was sitting in his truck and started to argue with him about money owed to him for a prior job. Officer explained to the parties that the issue was a civil matter and needed to be resolved peacefully or through civil court.
8:20 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. about suspicious circumstance. Complainant stated she went to Walmart in Devine, purchased some items, and then went to El Tropiko to purchase some food with a $20 that was given to her as change at Walmart. The money she was trying to pay with was fake, and she needed to go back to Walmart and speak to a manager about the situation.
September 13
5:30 PM – Officer responded to 4th and Aubrey St. about a theft. Officer contacted the victim, and he informed officer he lent a tenant his tools to do some work there at the apartments and never returned the tools back to him. Officer left a statement form with the victim to fill out and attach later to the report, along with an itemized list of tools and their value. Case pending investigation.
7:59 PM – Officer responded to the 100 block of E. 3rd St. about an open line and children yelling and screaming. Officer arrived on location and discovered that it was only children playing on the phone.
9:15 PM – Officer responded to a suspicious vehicle parked at FM 471 and Heather Hollow. Officer went and investigated the vehicle. It was later determined that the vehicle was broken down and the owner later returned for it and towed it home.
September 15
1:27 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer made contact with the complainant, and she informed him that her brother took her money and put it in his pocket without permission. She said they argued a bit more and finally retrieved her money. The brother left prior to officer arriving. No charges filed at this time.
3:30 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. and mile marker 127 about a crash that had occurred. Officer arrived on scene and secured it, worked traffic control, and waited for DPS to arrive and take over the scene.
September 16
12:45 AM – Officer assisted a truck driver with towing his truck tractor to Love’s Truck Stop. Morales Towing arrived on location and attempted to move the truck when the oil pan busted, spilling a lot of motor oil. The truck was towed to Morales yard where the truck was cleaned up. Natalia VFD was also called out to assist on oil cleanup.
4:15 PM – Officer responded to Love’s about a dog falling out of the bed of a pickup. A bystander picked up the dog and turned him over to police. The dog was not injured, but it was taken to the Natalia dog kennels for safekeeping in case the owner looked for it. The dispatcher later informed the officer the owner called looking for the dog, and it was later reunited with its owner.