Natalia Police Report July 28-August 3

July 28
9:05 PM – Officer responded to a disturbance on 5th St. Upon arrival to location, the officer made contact with the complainant, who stated his brother was taking advantage of his father by making him take him to different locations to score drugs. The complainant stated that the brother had departed the location prior to the officer’s arrival. All pertinent information was gathered about the subject and the call was cleared.
July 29
10:39 AM – Officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle from a private residence. Upon arrival, contact was made with complainant, who stated that her vehicle was taken without permission by an unknown suspect(s). The suspect had broken into the vehicle and backed the vehicle up and drove it off the property at approximately 2:50 AM. The theft of the vehicle was recorded on home security cameras at 10:39 AM. The offense report and notifications were made to local law enforcement agencies with all pertinent information noted.
July 30
9:50 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. and FM 471 for a stalled 18-wheeler on the access road. The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle, who reported the vehicle had stalled out and he had been unable to get it started back up. The officer contacted Morales Towing Service for towing of the vehicle and initiated traffic control procedures, allowing the towing company to relocate the 18-wheeler to Love’s Truck Stop for repair.
August 1
7:50 PM – Officer responded to a theft report at El Tropiko Restaurant. Upon arrival to the location, officer was advised by the complainant that a cell phone accidentally left at the restaurant had been stolen. According to the complainant, he’d immediately contacted the restaurant owner, who stated that the phone had been picked up by staff. When the complainant returned to pick up the cell phone, it could not be located. Contact was made with the staff that had been seen picking up the phone, and the person stated they did not have the phone. The officer proceeded to take written statements from all parties and filed an official theft report on the missing item.
August 3
5:44 PM – Officer responded to a call that a loose pit bull was being aggressive and was requesting police assistance. Officer arrived at location and made contact with the complainant, who stated that while doing yard work, a black over white pit bull began walking toward her and began to growl at her. She got scared and called the police for assistance. The officer conducted a search of the immediate area and was unsuccessful in locating the dog. The complainant was instructed to call if the pit bull returned.
11:30 PM – Officer responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle driving around 7th St. Officer conducted a thorough search of the surrounding area and did not locate any vehicle matching the description provided by the complainant; however, the Medina County Sheriff’s dispatch was advised of the situation and findings.