Natalia Police Report July 23-29

July 23
4:58 PM – Officer responded to roadside rest area about some kids crossing over IH-35. Officer located the boys and transported three back over to the north side of the Interstate where they live. The boys were released to their parent.
5:20 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of Curtis in Devine for a possible suicidal subject. Officer arrived on scene and contacted Devine PD and was informed everything was okay.
6:20 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 4th St. about a verbal disturbance between siblings. Officer arrived at location and spoke to the father, who stated he was getting onto his son about picking up after himself. Officer determined only disciplinary issues with his kids, no disturbance.
July 24
11:50 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 4th St. about criminal mischief of a vehicle. Officer made contact with a witness, who stated he observed a male subject flatten the front left and back left tires with a knife. The witness stated the offender looked like the estranged husband of the lady whose tires were flattened. Investigation pending.
July 25
10:32 PM – Officer responded to the 900 block of Miller St. about a child locked inside a vehicle. Officer was able to unlock the vehicle and the child was unharmed.
10:32 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop where two 18-wheelers had a minor accident. Officer issued blue forms to both drivers and explained it to them.
July 27
10:32 PM – Officer responded to Love’s about a black two-door Honda driving recklessly, cutting off an officer in an unmarked vehicle, and swerving all over the road. Officer contacted the driver in the Love’s parking lot and established the driver was just very tired. The driver called a family member, who later picked him up and drove him home.
July 28
1:50 AM – Officer responded to the Town and Country Trailer Park in Natalia about someone yelling. Officer drove the area but was unable to locate the source.
1:55 AM – Officer was on patrol and heard an audible alarm coming from the Natalia ISD Alternative building center. Officer checked the building doors and windows. Everything was secured. Officer attempted to notify school personnel but was unsuccessful. The dispatcher was informed of the alarm in case anyone asked.
July 29
4:00 PM – Officer responded to the 300 block of Barlett St. about a possible burglary in progress. Officer made location and contacted the homeowner’s son, who was checking on the house. Officer and the homeowner’s son went inside and made contact with a nephew who was inside and called 911 because he wasn’t sure who was trying to get into the house. Officer cleared the scene.
4:01 PM – Officer responded to the 300 block of CR 7721 about an active fire. Officer arrived on scene and the homeowner had put the fire out temporarily. Natalia VFD arrived on scene to put out some hot spots trying to ignite back up.
4:46 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 5th St. about a male subject at the location who possibly assaulted his girlfriend. Officers arrived at location, but no contact was made after several attempts knocking at the door.
6:51 PM – Officer responded to FM 471 and IH-35 N. access road about a vehicle stalled on the bridge. Officer made contact with the driver and was able to help get his vehicle started and off the bridge.
10:20 PM – Officer responded to St. John Bosco Church about three juveniles messing with the fence. Officer arrived on location and searched the area, but was unsuccessful at finding anyone on the church property.