Natalia Police Report July 15-23

July 15
1:33 AM – Officer responded to FM 471 and Heather Hollow to assist DPS trooper with a traffic stop. Officer arrived on scene and trooper requested to put a white female subject in his patrol unit because she was getting agitated and starting to yell. Officer secured the subject in his patrol unit until trooper completed the traffic stop. The subject was later transported to the Medina County jail and officer returned to service.
July 16
5:05 PM – Officer responded to FM 471 approximately one mile south of the railroad tracks to assist on a traffic stop. Officer arrived on scene and provided cover for DPS trooper while he conducted field investigation. Trooper arrested the driver for suspicion of DWI and asked officer to follow the driver’s girlfriend to Love’s Truck Stop so she could wait for a licensed driver. Officer followed her to Love’s and cleared the scene.
July 17
12:39 PM – Officers responded to the 1500 block of CR 772 about a large disturbance. Officers arrived on location with people yelling and screaming in the front yard and driveway. Medina County deputies arrived on scene and separated the parties. EMS was called to the scene to assess some victims for possible injuries. Officers stayed on location until deputies cleared the scene.
July 18
12:12 AM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. and mile marker 129 for a white truck swerving in and out of traffic. Officer posted up and monitored southbound traffic, but was unable to locate the reckless driver.
5:57 PM – Officer received a call of a tan Mazda SUV driving around the neighborhoods soliciting for insurance without a permit. Officer located the vehicle at Love’s Truck Stop and spoke to the driver and her passenger about soliciting in the city without a permit. Officer informed the women where they needed to go and until then, they were asked to leave and not cold call or approach anyone else about insurance.
July 19
12:15 AM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 5th St. about two male subjects walking around the Catholic Church with backpacks and wanted them checked out. Officer located the subjects in the 500 block of 4th St. with their backpacks on walking into a residence. Officer monitored the foot traffic from the residence for a while, but didn’t see anyone walking away from it.
2:03 PM – Complainant walked into the Natalia PD wanting to file assault charges on another person. Officer found out the offense occurred on CR 6709, which is just outside the city. Medina County deputies were called to PD and took over the case.
2:03 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 7th St. about a lapsed burglary of a habitation. Officer made contact with the victim, who showed officer to the best of her ability the things that were stolen, and the point of entry. Officer photographed the entire crime scene and asked the victim to write a list of items taken for the report.
10:01 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 5th St. about a caregiver stealing from her patients. Officer was informed that the caregiver had already stolen approximately $6,200 from the elderly person’s bank account, and some medicine called Tramadol. Officer collected all the information necessary to proceed with an investigation.
10:14 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 7th St. about criminal mischief. Officer arrived on scene and evaluated it, seeing where someone possibly used a BB gun on the victim’s car window, not breaking the glass but leaving chips in the glass. The victim told the officer he just wanted to report the incident, because he was headed back to West Texas where he lived and that he was just in town visiting.
July 20
8:10 AM – Officer responded to Dollar General about two subjects sitting behind the store. Officer made contact with a male and female sitting in the back of the store. Officer asked what they were doing, and they stated they were just resting before they started walking back home. Officer checked both for any warrants and both came back clear.
11:05 PM – Officer patrolled Love’s Truck Stop when he heard a man yelling near the back of the commercial motor vehicles. Officer got out and investigated further. Officer made contact with the male and later determined he was not in his right mind and had some apparent mental issues. Officer identified the man and had him move on.
July 21
11:19 PM – Officer responded to the Drive Thru Express about a private property crash. Officer arrived on location and issued both drivers a blue form, which are used for private property accidents. Officer explained the form to the two drivers and left the scene.
July 22
12:30 PM – Officer responded to the 2100 block of FM 4571 about a welfare check for Adult Protective Services. Officer arrived on location and made contact with the property owners, who were not happy to see Natalia PD on their property. Officer contacted Medina County deputy to make location to speak with complainant. Officer stood by while a deputy arrived and took over the call.
July 23
5:20 PM – Officer responded per Medina County dispatcher to respond to the 700 block of Curtis St. in Devine about a suicidal male subject wanting to kill himself. Officer arrived on scene with Devine PD. Officer in charge stated the male subject was just upset and did not want to kill himself anymore. Officer noticed all was under control and cleared the scene.
6:20 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 4th St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer arrived on location and made contact with an elderly lady, who stated her son was yelling at his 12-year-old son. Officer contacted the father and asked what was going on. The father stated he was upset with his 12-year-old son for not picking up after himself and got onto him as a form of discipline. Officer asked the kids if they were okay and they all stated yes. Officer determined the verbal disturbance was due to disciplinary problems with the father’s kids.