Natalia Police Report Jan. 26-29

Jan. 26
5:48 PM – Officer made contact with a male subject about a child exchange with his ex-girlfriend at the Natalia Police Department. The mother of the child was going to meet the father at 6:00 pm, but was unable to make the location. The male subject wanted a report and left the scene.
9:37 PM – Officer responded to the area of the Dollar General for a suspicious male looking into cars. Officer arrived on scene and was unable to locate the male. Officer drove towards FM 471 and 8th St. and located a male subject that matched the description. The male subject was later arrested for Public Intoxication.
Jan. 28
1:35 AM – Officer responded to the 600 blk. of Miller St. about an active disturbance between husband and wife. Officer arrived on scene and could observe the female crying and male subject standing outside at the end of the driveway. Officer spoke to both parties and later determined that the male subject was the aggressor and choked his wife out while she was in bed with her kids. Officer took the male subject to jail. Case pending.
9:13 PM – Officer responded to the 600 blk. of 4th St. about a civil matter between a mother and son. Officer spoke to the mother and she advised her son was having some very shady people over and were smoking marijuana in her house. The mother wanted her son out of the house, so the son complied and left the residence. No further action taken.
Jan. 29
1:00 AM – Officer responded to the 400 blk. of Barlett St. about a theft call. Officer spoke to the victim and he stated that his girlfriend took his necklace and cross that valued at approximately $500, but did not wish to file charges on her, only wanted his chain and cross back.
5:13 PM – Officer responded to FM 463 and CR 675 to assist Medina County with a major crash. Officer arrived on scene and assisted with traffic control while Natalia Fire extracted the female driver. DPS arrived on scene and took over the scene. Officer cleared the crash and went back in service.
8:15 PM – Officer responded to the area of Palfrey and 6th St. about a female that struck a fire hydrant in front of the fire department in Natalia. Officer got the vehicle stopped at the 400 blk. of Miller St. Officer spoke to the female driver, who appeared to be out of sorts. Officer later found out the female had just gotten out of dialysis treatment and had affected her driving mechanics. The female driver did not cause any damage to the water hydrant, but minimal damage to her car. A blue form was issued and no further action was taken.