Natalia Police Report Feb. 27-Mar. 4

Feb. 27
8:32 AM – Officer received call at the 700 block of 6th St. for a control burn. Resident was informed of the city’s ordinances regarding control burn.
10:20 AM – Officer was patrolling the jurisdiction of Natalia City and observed several illegal posted signs (snipe signs). Signs were removed.
12:15 PM – Officer responded to a disturbance in progress at the 300 block of 3rd St. The verbal disturbance was between a male and female over a recent infidelity. The couple was interviewed and it was determined that no offense was committed. The couple agreed to let issue go and was released.
1:18 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 3rd St. for report of a damaged door and suspicious items left around the front and back door of the business. No witnesses or suspects at this time. A report was made and new measures are in place to keep business monitored for safety.
7:08 PM – Officer responded to a major crash at the intersection of FM 463 and IH-35 South. Officer arrived on scene and checked out with EMS. Due to patient lying on the ground, officer immediately began directing traffic past crash site. DPS arrived on scene and took over traffic and scene.
7:33 PM – Officer responded to the 1800 block of Hwy. 132. The business owner wanted to report damage done to her drive thru sign by a customer who drove through and did not clear enough space, striking and causing minimal damage to her drive thru sign at the base. Officer gathered information of driver for business owner. Blue form issued.
Feb. 28
2:25 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 4th St. and officer spoke to a resident owner who is currently in litigation with neighbor who is also her biological sister over land and property left by deceased mother. Today, one sister is arguing with the other over parking spaces in front of their homes. Officer spoke to both parties and explained law to both.
3:33 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of Aubrey St. for a disturbance between two adult females. Officer arrived on scene and met with complainant, and adult female home owner who stated that her adult female best friend had just left and had accused her of having an affair with her husband, and had physically pushed her before leaving the scene. The complainant did not want to file charges but wanted her ex-friend to stay away from her home. Complainant requested CTW be issued to ex-friend. Officer cleared the scene and went back to make contact with adult female aggressor/suspect at the 400 block of Palfrey St. and CTW was issued.
3:36 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Pearson St. for a report of an aggressive, loose dog with no collar and no tags. Officer arrived and owner showed all failed attempts to keep dog in yard. Owner agreed to voluntary release of his dog, and was not cited.
7:50 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey for a disturbance. Officer arrived and met with complainant who wishes to have an argument over a child custody issue between herself and her soon to be ex-husband. Officer documented incident and issued complainant case number.
9:40 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 3rd St. for a reckless driving report. Caller advised that the reckless driver had just pulled into this said address. Officer responded and met with driver of the vehicle in question. Driver stated that she does not know why anyone would state that she was driving recklessly. No violations were witnessed by officer. A report was generated.
March 1
9:53 PM – Officer responded to a call about a reckless driver on IH-35 NB for a red F-150 with the tailgate down driving recklessly on the highway. Officer responded and was unable to locate said vehicle.
9:55 PM – Officer was dispatched to Hwy. 132 to assist MCSO on a traffic stop and with a driver who was experiencing a diabetic episode. Officer assisted with traffic control for EMS.
March 2
12:35 PM – Officers responded to a tip call from MCSO that an adult male who is a wanted individual was seen walking on the 300 block of 3rd St. with an adult female in the city of Natalia. The wanted male individual and adult female were contacted after being seen walking in alleys between houses. The adult male and adult female were positively identified. The adult male was confirmed to have an active warrant. Adult male was taken into custody without further incident and transported to the Medina Jail in Hondo. Adult female was released.
6:19 PM – Officer responded to a minor accident on IH-35 near mile marker 130 for assistance with traffic. Officer was able to dispatch the vehicle information prior to DPS arrival. DPS arrived on scene and took over the accident.
March 3
6:06 PM – Officer responded to the 2000 block of FM 471 for a report of a female who had locked her keys inside her vehicle. Officer arrived and assisted the female in unlocking her vehicle.
8:20 PM – Officer observed a vehicle with hazards on the top of the bridge of FM 471, impeding the steady flow of traffic. Officer made contact with the vehicle’s driver, who did not speak any English, and was able to determine that the vehicle was inoperable. Officer contacted tow service and the vehicle and driver were transported safely to Love’s Travel Stop.
March 4
10:03 PM – Officer observed a vehicle with its hazard lights on. Officer made contact with driver and discovered that driver’s vehicle had broken down and was inoperable. Driver was given a courtesy ride to her residence.
10:42 PM – Officer was dispatched to the 600 block of 6th St. for suspicious noises. Officer was informed of vehicle doors opening and being slammed closed. Dome lights to vehicles were on as to someone opening the doors. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate anyone.
11:21 PM – Officer dispatched to the intersection of FM 471 at 9th St. for a vehicle at the intersection parked and people walking around the vehicle with flashlights. Officer made location but vehicle had departed location.