Lytle Police Report

Feb. 26
6:29 AM – Officer responded to Rodeo St. at FM 3175 to assist motorist with a dead battery. Officer spoke with motorist and determined the battery was fine. The vehicle had other mechanical issues that officer could not resolve.
6:56: AM – Officer responded to 15000 Blk. of Railroad St. for a report of trash bags on the road. Officer located 3 large trash bags and removed them from roadway.
11:00 AM – Officer responded to Days Inn for a report of criminal mischief. Suspect smashed the 32″ television in the room valued at $200. Officer made contact with the suspect who advised she was going to make arrangements with the owner to get the television paid for.
1:58 PM – Officer responded to Lytle State Bank for a report of a woman who attempted to cash a forged check. The woman left prior to officer’s arrival but she was identified by the bank employee. No money lost due to account having been closed due to earlier forgery.
3:00 PM – Officer responded to Lytle Crossings for a report of a theft of a palm pilot. Complainant advised he had no info on the brand or value of device as it was a company item. Complainant was advised to let his employer know and send the information of device.
Feb. 27
8:15 AM – Officer assisted the public at the Police Station with fingerprints for employment purposes.
2:16 PM – Officer responded to Pumphouse Carwash and spoke with complainant in regards to a backhoe that struck a car wash bay overhang.
3:22 AM – Officer responded to 15100 Blk. of Magnolia St. for a report of subjects yelling in the area. Upon arrival, officer noted tow subjects laying in the roadway. Officer made contact and identified two juveniles. Both were transported to their residence and released to a parent.
9:45 AM – Complainant talked to officer in reference to a delivery person that he had issues within the past, had gone over to his house and delivered appliances and complainant was concerned that the individual now knows his address.
3:10 PM – Officer responded to 19500 Blk. of Bruce St. to meet with complainant. The complainant departed prior to officer’s arrival.
4:05 PM – Officer responded to John Lott Park for a report of a verbal disturbance between a couple. They departed prior to officer’s arrival.
6:46 PM – Officer responded to Hurley Funeral Home to assist the Lytle Vol. Fire Dept. with an electrical fire. The fire was contained within a fluorescent ceiling fixture. No injuries reported.
11:10 PM – Officer responded to 63300 Blk. of Juarez St. for a report of a medical alarm. Officer conducted a welfare check on the resident who was found in good health.
Mar. 1
7:20 AM – Officer responded to 17900 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. to unlock a vehicle.
10:30 AM – Officer responded to Exxon for a report of a customer making threats. No charges were filed however, a Criminal Trespass Warning was issued.
10:50 AM – Officers responded to St. Andrew’s Catholic Church and provided funeral escort to the Lytle Community Cemetery.
3:34 PM – Traffic stop at Main St. and Somerset St. resulted in a 25-year-old male subject being cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Officer found two marijuana pipes and a glass container with marijuana residue. Paraphernalia was seized and submitted into evidence. Subject was cited and released.
5:00 PM – Officer responded to 17900 Blk. of Rocky’s Circle for a report of a disturbance. Further investigation resulted in the Emergency Detention of an adult female. The female was transported by Ofc. Lopez to Southwest General Hospital for an evaluation.
7:21 PM – Traffic stop on IH 35 resulted in the arrest of a 33-year-old female subject for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG1 1g-4g. It was noted that a 2 year old child and a 4 month old baby were in the vehicle. A CPS notification is pending. Subject was transported to Atascosa Co. Jail.
8:15 PM – Officer responded to HEB Plus for a report of a Hit & Run. Officer was unable to make location due to being on an arrest. Atascosa Co. Deputy made location and took the complainant’s information.
9:29 PM – Officer responded to 19700 Blk. of Creek St. for extra patrols requested by resident.
9:40 PM – Officer responded to Whataburger for a report of a possibly intoxicated male. Officer made contact with the male driver, all was normal.
Mar. 2
4:09 AM – Officer responded to IH 35 NB at Mile Marker 133 to assist Bexar Co. with a two vehicle crash.
10:10 AM – Officers responded to FM 3175 at City Limits for a report of a loose cow near city limits. Officers were unable to locate.
11:00 AM – Officers attended the Lytle ISD Family Picnic event at the football field.
2:15 PM – Officer was on the lookout for a blue or purple Charger Dodge occupied by a female armed with a handgun and possibly suicidal. Officer checked the area, unable to locate.
5:18 PM – Officer responded to 19500 Blk. of IH 35 for a report of a child that did not show up at home after school. The child was located at the city park.
6:35 PM – Complainant stopped by the Police Station and talked to an officer in reference to a civil matter – child custody.
7:40 PM – Officer responded to Pumphouse Carwash to assist Atascosa EMS with a male having a medical emergency.
Mar. 3
12:40 AM – While on patrol, officer observed smoke coming from a vehicle parked at the parking lot of John Lott Park. Officer arrived and observed a male asleep at the wheel but unresponsive. Officer turned the vehicle off and later the male driver woke. A 24-year-old male subject was arrested for Public Intoxication and 3 Warrants out of Lea Co. New Mexico for Failure to Appear – Abuse of a Child x 2 and Battery against Household Member x 3. Subject was transported to Atascosa Co. Jail.
10:30 AM – Officer responded to 63300 Blk. of Juarez St. to unlock a vehicle.
12:00 PM – Officer responded to Lytle Oil Exchange to unlock a vehicle.
8:00 PM – Officer responded to 18700 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. and talked to complainant in reference to an accident that occurred at 14900 Blk. of Lytle-Somerset St. Complainant reported the accident after leaving the scene. Complainant wanted the Police to be aware of the situation in case complainant was unable to obtain insurance information from the other party who left her with contact info and the name of insurance.
9:35 PM – Officers responded to Subway for a report of a female parked in the front parking lot of the business them walked behind the store. Upon officers’ arrival, a female was located at the Country View Apartments who was meeting with a friend. No criminal activity observed.
Mar. 4
10:00 AM – Officer responded to Chevron for a report of a verbal disagreement between a couple. No offense committed. Both parties agreed not to argue in public and departed on foot.
12:25 PM – Officer responded to IH 35 at Mile Marker 131 for a report of a disabled vehicle. The driver did not pose a traffic hazard and had help on the way.
1:45 PM – Officer responded to Chevron to unlock a vehicle.
3:07 PM – Officer responded to 16000 Blk. of White Cap Dr. for a report of disorderly conduct. Officer was advised that a male suspect drove by complainant’s house and flipped him off and cursed at him in front of his kids. A written statement was taken from the complainant.
4:10 PM – Complainant called the office and left a message from Bexar Co. regarding a missing person. Officer called the number back, no answer. Officer was unable to leave a message.
5:45 PM – Lytle PD fleet unit #2 (2011 Ford Expedition) was rear ended at the intersection of S. Somerset St. at Main St. One person was transported by Atascosa EMS, officer was not injured.
7:37 PM – Officer responded to 15300 Blk. of Norvell St. for a report of suspicious activity. Atascosa EMS was called to check out an individual.