Natalia Police Report Feb. 25-28

Feb. 25
9:09 AM – Officer was contacted by a bus driver about one of his seats getting damaged by a student on the bus. Officer had a witness to the suspect of the criminal mischief. Officer took pictures of the damage and will be getting ahold of the student and parent.
2:46 PM – Officer responded to the special education room because of a disturbance between a teacher and male student. The principal handled the investigation (administrative) while the officer received a statement by the teacher in question. The teacher did have to subdue the student due to him becoming combative and physical. Case pending.
Feb. 26
8:39 AM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. mile marker 123 about a major crash involving an 18-wheeler. There was one subject trapped inside the truck, but was later extracted by law enforcement. The subject was later transported to Southwest General for further medical evaluation. Officer assisted with traffic control and went back in service.
Feb. 27
7:33 AM – Officer responded to Hwy. 132 just south of Natalia for a vehicle all over the road. Officer contacted the vehicle inside the city limits and found out a male subject was on his way to dialysis treatment in Lytle but the weather was very foggy and he got disoriented. The officer gave the male subject a ride to Lytle, while a Deputy followed. Officer later went back in service.
Feb. 28
10:19 AM – Officer responded to the Natalia Junior High for some syringes and set of keys found by her mail box. Officer took custody of the syringes and keys. The syringes were properly disposed of and keys put in property for safekeeping.