Natalia Police Report Feb. 16-22

Feb. 16
9:09 PM – Officer responded to the Natalia water tower, located at the 300 block of Miller St, for shots fired. Officer combed the area for anything suspicious and was unable to find anyone in the area.
Feb. 19
3:00 PM – Officer responded to the 300 block of Aubrey St. about an active disturbance. Officers arrived on scene and took a male Hispanic into custody for assaulting his live-in girlfriend by hitting her in the mouth with a closed fist, causing her great pain. The male subject was transported to the Medina County Jail.
11:21 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Bartlett St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with both subjects. The female’s mother went over and picked up her daughter to keep her from further arguing. Officer cleared the scene without further incident.
Feb. 20
1:00 AM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop for a private property crash with two 18-wheelers. Officer arrived on scene and observed minimal damage on both trucks. Officer issued a blue form to both drivers and explained the form in its entirety.
5:40 PM – Officer heard radio traffic about a white pickup crashing into other vehicles on FM 463 going eastbound. Officer caught up with the white truck, which was missing a tire on one of the rims in the front of his pickup. Medina County Deputies and DPS arrived on the scene and took over the investigation. Officer assisted in traffic control and later cleared the scene.
Feb. 22
11:12 AM – Officer responded to the Cedar Apartments, located in the 1800 block of Hwy. 132 about an older male subject knocking on one of the residences’ doors, wanting the female inside the apartment to have sex with him. Officer arrived on scene and he was unable to locate anyone in the area. Officer later cleared the scene and went back in service.