Natalia Police Report Feb. 10-15

Feb. 10
6:09 PM – Officer made contact with a complainant at the Natalia Police Department about his ex-girlfriend not showing up to exchange their child. Officer took down the information and gave the complainant a case number and went back in service.
Feb. 13
10:37 PM – Officer responded to the Dollar General in Natalia for an alarm call, front door glass breakage. Officer arrived on scene and did not observe any glass breakage. Officer checked all the way around the building and all was secured.
Feb. 14
11:20 AM – Officer responded to the 700 block of Palfrey St. about the complainant inquiring about a high water bill. Officer asked the complainant if he had called his landlord and informed him of the problem, because there is an active case pending about the same issue. The City of Natalia sent out a worker to check the meter and water line. No leaks and meter was fine. Officer took a report and returned back to service.
11:35 AM – Officer responded to an active disturbance at the 1500 block of CR 772 in Natalia. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant and other half of the party. Officer stood by while a Medina County Deputy arrived on scene and took over the call.
Feb. 15
7:20 PM – Officer responded to the Jalisco food truck in Natalia for an assault call. Officer spoke to the victim and she stated the male cook from the food truck walked with the victim and gave her an unwanted kiss on the lips and was offended with the gesture. Officer wrote up an offense report for assault by contact and went back in service.