Natalia Police Report April 24-29

April 24
10:00 AM – Officer assisted in a funeral escort from St. John Bosco Church to St. Joseph Cemetery in Devine.
April 25
10:00 AM – Officer assisted in a funeral escort from St. John Bosco Church to St. Joseph Cemetery in Devine.
11:20 AM – Natalia PD was contacted by a repossession company stating they had just repossessed a vehicle from the intersection of Hwy. 132 and Kearny St.
4:09 PM – Officer received a call of an abandoned vehicle left on the side of the road on Heather Lane. Officer located the vehicle and discovered the pickup truck was left unlocked with keys in the ignition. Officer ran the license plate and it came back as a stolen vehicle out of Maverick County. The vehicle was recovered and driven to Natalia PD for safekeeping until the owner recovers it.
5:57 PM – Officer was dispatched to Hwy. 132 N. for a black SUV driving recklessly. Officer was unable to locate.
April 26
1:57 AM – Officer dispatched to Love’s in reference to an unwanted subject. Officer arrived on location and made contact with the store clerk. She advised the male subject was asking people for money for gas and was pacing back and forth in front of the store, making her very nervous. Officer identified the subject, who was from Laredo and going to Austin for a job. Officer checked the subject for any warrants and found none. Officer asked the subject to leave and he complied.
2:30 PM – Officer was dispatched to El Tropiko Restaurant in Natalia on Hwy. 132. Officer arrived on location and spoke to both parties and told them they needed to exchange their information in order to report it to their insurance, or work it out on their own if they chose to do that.
8:00 PM – Officer responded to assist the Medina County Sheriff’s Office with an unruly patron at Southside Bar. Officer acted as a cover unit until released from the scene.
8:25 PM – Complainant came into Natalia PD and wanted to file a report on his wife going at him with a knife. Officer later found out the incident was south of the city and occurred in the county. A Medina County Deputy arrived on location and took control.
9:59 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 6th St. for smoke inside the residence, along with a male subject having trouble breathing. The smoke was caused by food left on the stove. The fire department made location and cleared the smoke as EMS transported the subject to the hospital.
April 27
4:06 PM – Officer dispatched to the 700 block of Palfrey St. in reference to a civil matter. Officer made contact with the complainant and advised her ex-boyfriend walked into her property, demanding his black Dodge Dart, which was in both their names. Officer conducted an investigation and upon conclusion, informed both parties that they both did not have valid driver’s licenses or valid insurance for the vehicle, and it needed to stay at its current location until proof of a valid driver’s license and insurance was produced.
7:08 PM – Officer was contacted by an employee from BMA, who stated unknown actor(s) had been removing boards from the canal dam, thus lowering the water level in the canal, which causes issues for ranchers who are pumping water for irrigation. Employee was given ideas as to what steps could be taken to avoid the problem.
7:20 PM – Officer responded to Natalia Little League Field to assist EMS with a call of a female subject with chest pain. EMS made location and the subject was assisted out of her vehicle and into the EMS unit and transported to the hospital.
7:30 PM – Officer was dispatched to the 100 block of 5th St. for loose dogs running around the area trying to fight other dogs. The area was checked, but officer was unable to locate any dogs.
April 28
2:14 PM – Officer was dispatched to the area of IH-35 at MM 125 for a gold Ford truck heading north on IH-35 with a body lying in the bed of the truck. Officer made location but was unable to locate.
April 29
9:16 PM – Officer was dispatched to Natalia Elementary School for an alarm. Building at location was checked and found to be secure.