Natalia Police Report April 14-18

April 14
6:12 PM – Officer responded to the Dollar Store about an active disturbance in progress. Officer arrived on scene and spoke to the victim, who advised her ex-boyfriend hit her in the face, head, and right arm while inside his car. The victim got out of the car and was further assaulted by her ex-boyfriend by hitting her on the head with his fist, dragging her by her hair, and kicking her on the back. The suspect later showed back up on scene and the officer arrested the subject and took him to the Medina County Jail.
April 16
8:15 AM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a private property crash in the back truck parking lot. Information was exchanged and blue forms issued.
6:35 PM – Officer received a phone call from a complainant about an unusual object on the side of the road that appeared to look like a homemade pipe bomb. Officer went out to look at the object and it did look like a homemade pipe bomb. San Antonio bomb squad was called out as a precautionary measure. The bomb tech later determined the device was not a live explosive device and later destroyed it.
April 17
4:45 PM – Officer responded to the 900 blk. of CR 665 about an active disturbance in progress. Officer arrived on scene with deputies on scene already. Officer stood by as backup until released from the scene.
April 18
2:30 PM – Officers received a call about a disturbance between a woman and her ex-boyfriend taking their son from her arms, putting him in his truck and taking off, while the victim was being drug from behind, causing serious bodily injury to the victim. The father was later found in Jourdanton, where he was taken into custody and taken to jail. The child was recovered unharmed and later returned back to his mother.