Natalia Police Report

04/01 – Officers responded to the home of an upset citizen, the citizen stated that an unknown person crossed through his property and when he confronted the unknown property trespasser, the trespasser threw an object at the upset citizen.

04/02 – Officers were dispatched to IH 35 access rd @ FM 471 for a major accident. One vehicle was exiting the access road and driving on to the IH 35 entrance, when the second vehicle failed to yield and collided with the exiting vehicle. Both vehicles were severely damage but there were no injuries
04/03 – Officers responded to TX-132 for a deceased person report, upon arrival EMS told the officer that the deceased person was ill and died of natural causes
04/04 – Officers were dispatched to a major accident vehicle rollover on IH 35 near mile marker 27. When officers arrived they saw that this was not a major accident, it was only a person who ran off the road.
04/05 – A chase involving outside agencies following a ski mask wearing suspect driving a stolen vehicle, ended in Natalia on FM 471 and TX-132. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed into some trees in the area.
04/05 – A citizen reported that while walking on 4th Street a medium size black dog lunged at him and bit him on his leg. County Animal Control was notified and the dog was picked up. The citizen drove himself to the hospital for treatment.
04/05 – A citizen reported that an unknown suspect(s) stole her mailbox. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.
04/06 – At the truck stop two tractor trailers slightly collided, the trucks sustained minor damage, the drivers exchanged insurance information.
04/06 – Officers were dispatched to E.3rd St. to assist a citizen who had recently bought a used car and the car’s wheel fell off. According to the officer the wheel was held by standard and not lug nuts.
04-07-2024 Dog Bite – On duty officer responded to a call for an injured lady that had been attacked by a dog, upon arrival the officer was trapped in his vehicle due to the aggressive dog, a second officer arrived to assist the trapped officer, both officers held the dog at bay until MCSO animal control arrived and was able to get the dog in custody and removed from the scene, the injured lady was checked by EMS and found to have a cut to her head from the incident with the dog.
04-08-2024 Dog Bite – On duty officer responded to a call for a male sitting in a pool of blood, upon arrival the officer found the male to have multiple injuries to his hands and legs from the dog attack while trying to help a neighbor. EMS was called to evaluate the male, he was transported to the hospital and MCSO animal control arrived and took custody of the dog
04-09-2024 Accident/minor – On duty officer responded to a two car collision, no injuries were reported.
04-10-2024 Suspicious Circumstances – On duty officer responded to a call for a woman walking outside a housing area talking to herself and waving down trucks as they drove by. Officer made contact with the woman and discovered she had a truck parked in Chubby’s lot, officer got the woman back to her husband who was the driver of the truck, further investigation revealed the woman had some personal issues that caused her to wander off from her husband, the officer advised the husband to try and keep a closer eye on her.
04-11-2024 Suspicious circumstances – On duty officer was called back to the Chubby’s truck stop for a woman wandering the parking lot knocking on the doors of several trucks. Officer arrived on scene to discover it was the same female from an earlier call, once again the officer advised her husband to keep an eye on her.
04-11-2024 Welfare Check – On duty officer took a call for a welfare check, the sister of a young man was concerned as she had not been able to reach him by phone. Officer was able to make contact with the young man and report the good news back to his sister.
04-12-2024 Accident/minor – On duty officer responded to a two vehicle collision between and ambulance and a pickup truck, no reported injuries
04-12-2024 Alarm call – On duty officers responded to a business alarm call, officer made sure the building was secure , no signs of foul play.