Natalia Mustangs win gold at Poteet powerlifting meet

The Mustang and Lady Mustang powerlifting teams.

The Natalia Mustangs were able to bring home their first team title of the season, after a great showing in the Strawberry Capital of Poteet last Saturday. For the first time since Coach Ilyan Martinez took over, every single kid that competed was able to also medal (11 Mustangs) which led to their first place finish out of seven schools in attendance.
On the girl’s side of things, they followed suit as all eight Lady Mustangs were able to medal as well leading to a 2nd place finish out of eight schools in attendance.
“I am really happy with our team results,” Coach Martinez said. “Anytime you can take a team of lifters and every single lifter medals, it is a great day and this was a first for us.”
Natalia Mustangs
The Natalia Mustangs finished with 40 team points to win the gold ahead of: Poteet (38), Devine (31), Brooks Academy (22), Lytle (20), Center Point (11) and Pleasanton (7).
Individually, two Natalia Mustangs were able to win gold medals. Leading the way was 198 lb. weight class competitor Chance Lamb who finished with a 1,170 lb. total. This total included a 450 lb. Squat, a 270 lb. Bench press and a 450 lb. Dead lift.
The second Mustang to win the gold was Uriel Arellano, who did so in the 242 lb. weight class thanks to a 1,150 lb. total. His total included a 450 lb. Squat, a 320 lb. Bench press and a 380 lb. Dead lift.
Other results: 148 lb. weight class- Saul Valadez 3rd place- 375 lb. Squat, 175 lb. Bench press, 390 lb. Dead lift-940 lb. total; Ryan Juarez 4th place- 345 lb. Squat, 185 lb. Bench press, 395 lb. Dead lift-925 lb. total. 165 lb. weight class- Matthew Contreras 5th place- 385 lb. Squat, 210 lb. Bench press, 400 lb. Dead lift-995 lb. total. 181 lb. weight class- Joel Rios 3rd place- 390 lb. Squat, 220 lb. Bench press, 445 lb. Dead lift-1,055 lb. total. 220 lb. weight class- Michael Martinez 3rd place- 480 lb. Squat, 250 lb. Bench press, 400 lb. Dead lift-1,130 lb. total; Jeremiah Gomez 5th place- 380 lb. Squat, 250 lb. Bench press, 455 lb. Dead lift-1,085 lb. total. 275 lb. weight class- Oscar Ramirez 2nd place – 490 lb. Squat, 325 lb. Bench press, 480 lb. Dead lift-1,295 lb. total; Paul Billalobos 3rd place- 565 lb. Squat, 275 lb. Bench press, 450 lb. Dead lift-1,290 lb. total. SHW – Victor Cruz 2nd place- 480 lb. Squat, 330 lb. Bench press, 500 lb. Dead lift-1,310 lb. total.
Lady Mustangs
For the second time this season, the girls in blue turned in a great performance, but came up short to traditionally tough Brooks Academy. The Lady Bengals were able to win their second meet of the season with 56 team points, as Natalia finished in 2nd with 37. Other teams who trailed included Center Point (28), Bandera (25), Pleasanton (16), Devine (16), Lytle (11) and Poteet (6).
Three Lady Mustangs were able to win gold medals which began in the 97 lb. weight class as Sam Sanchez dominated the competition finishing in 1st place with a 590 lb. total. Her total included a 230 lb. Squat, a 125 lb. Bench press and a 235 lb. Dead lift.
JuJu Morales dominated her 132 lb. weight class once again with a 795 lb. total. Her total included a 345 lb. Squat, a 165 lb. Bench press and a 300 lb. Dead lift.
The final Lady Mustang to win the gold was Gabby Santoya in the 165 lb. weight class. Santoya finished with a 705 lb. total which included a 295 lb. Squat, a 140 lb. Bench press and a 270 lb. Dead lift.
Other finishes: 97 lb. weight class – Julia Owens 3rd place- 195 lb. Squat, 95 lb. Bench press, 220 lb. Squat-510 lb. total. 105 lb. weight class- Bryanna Perez 2nd place – 235 lb. Squat, 125 lb. Bench press, 225 lb. Dead lift-585 lb. total. 132 lb. weight class – Gabby Contreras 2nd place- 225 lb. Squat, 120 lb. Dead lift, 220 lb. Dead lift-565 lb. total. 148 lb. weight class- Dezarae Perez 4th place- 240 lb. Squat, 135 lb. Bench press, 300 lb. Dead lift-675 lb. Total; Sofia Almendarez 5th place- 270 lb. Squat, 140 lb. Bench press, 230 lb. Dead lift-640 lb. Total.
“I thought overall our kids competed really well and we are on the right track,” Coach Martinez said. “We are looking forward to defending the tradition we have built here.”
Natalia will have lifters in San Antonio this Thursday to compete in the Texas Strength systems competition.
By Eric Smith