Warhorse Powerlifting earns four 1st Place medals; Arabians garner several top 7 finishes

The Arabian and Warhorse powerlifting teams.

Four Devine Warhorse powerlifters came home with 1st place medals at the Poteet Powerlifting Invitational last Saturday. Kaleb Zerturche, Steven “Bulldog” Ramirez, Lucas Byrd, and Christian Arredondo all won each of their respective weight divisions. The Arabian team had seven individuals place in the top 7 of their weight division proving the meet to a big success for them as well.
“Although the boys got 3rd as a team,” stated Head Coach Paul Gomez, “each of our lifters competed at a high level and our team points are being generated a little differently this season. When we have won meets in the past, we have had two or three 1st place finishers but we would also get points from 2nd, 3rd and 4th places as well that would put us over the top. With our youth, we just do not have that same type of scoring but accomplishing 4 gold medals is definitely a good sign of things to come.”
“On the girl’s side, the lifters did outstanding and I am proud of each of them,” continued Gomez. “Great things are happening for these hard workers.”
Arabians: Zaylee Zimmerle-5th-105lb. class-435lbs total; Kyra Keylich-6th-123lb. class-460lbs total; Penelope Cruz-7th-123lb class-435lbs total; Jessie Ramirez-2nd-165lb. class-640lbs (currently 10th in regional standings); Caitlin Casas-4th-165lb. class-595lbs total; Paige Coté-3rd-181lb. class-775lbs total (currently 8th in the regional standings); Khali Key-2nd-198lb. class- 610lbs total.
Warhorses: Kaleb Zertuche-1st-132lb. class-860lbs total (currently 8th in regional standings); Steven Ramirez-1st-165lb. class-1,355lbs total (currently 3rd in regional standings and 3rd in state standings); Lucas Byrd-1st-181lb. class-1,325lbs total (currently 1st in the regional standings and 5th in state standings); Lupe Rodriguez-5th-181lb. class-1,000lbs total; DJ Dzierzanowski-6th-181lb. class-560lbs total; Garret Carver-4th-220lb. class-1085lbs total; Diego Hernandez-6th-220lbs. class-1,000lbs total; Christian Arredondo-1st-275lb, class-1,360lbs total (currently 3rd in regional standings).
The Warhorses and Arabians are off this Saturday but return to competition on Saturday, February 3 at Somerset. Start time is set for 9:00am.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer